Manage your insurance with KBC Brussels Mobile

Manage your insurance with KBC Brussels Mobile

Manage your insurance

See your policy details, view your documents and grant powers of attorney.

Work and take out new insurance

Calculate your premium and take out new insurance online.

Claim online

File and track insurance claims with us online.

Our KBC Brussels Mobile app isn’t just for banking on the go. It also lets you manage your insurance right from your phone.

How does KBC Brussels Mobile help you manage your insurance?

1. See all your insurance with KBC Brussels

  • Get insurance policy details
  • View your documents
  • Grant power of attorney over your insurance

2. Get insured fast

  • Work out what insurance for your home, car or family will cost
  • Take out your insurance online
  • Sign your insurance policy online

3. File and track claims online

Make hospitalisation, home or car damage, burglary or theft-related insurance claims easily online using KBC Brussels Mobile.

Check the status of your claims, add supporting documents, inform us of added costs and send us more details.

> See more on insurance claims

4. Stay in touch with your insurance agent or branch

Get answers to your insurance queries in no time with KBC Brussels Mobile. Message your branch adviser or insurance agent or make an appointment with them online right from your contacts (More > Communication > Your contacts).

How do you find your insurance details in KBC Brussels Mobile?

Open all


Log in to KBC Brussels Mobile



Open the ‘My KBC’ menu at the bottom right



Scroll to 'Insurance'

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