Grant power of attorney on your phone

Manage power of attorney fast with KBC Mobile

Grant power of attorney on your phone

Manage power of attorney fast with KBC Mobile

Power of attorney gives someone else access to your bank accounts or insurance, including the ability to view details and/or carry out transactions.

KBC Mobile lets you easily manage access to your financial products right from your phone.

What are the benefits?

✓ Access your power of attorney details wherever you are

Use our Mobile app to view every power of attorney you’ve ever given in one central place so you’re always aware of access to your accounts and insurance.

✓ Let your partner file insurance claims by smartphone

Give your partner power of attorney over your insurance so they can also claim under your cover using our Assist app.

✓ Manage power of attorney with ease

Now there’s no more need to go to your branch to grant or end power of attorney. Simply do it right from your phone with KBC Mobile.

Access to your insurance

Even if insurance with us is only in your name, it might still be useful to also give your partner access to insurance details like your family, car, home or life insurance with us.

Power of attorney over your insurance can also allow your partner to claim under your hospitalisation and other cover with us using our Assist app. That could come in handy if they have to claim under your car insurance while driving. Our Assist app makes that even easier than ever before.

You choose who gets power of attorney, like your partner, a family member or someone else. And you can see it all at a glance on your phone.

Grant or end power of attorney over insurance

One thing to note: granting or ending someone else’s access to your insurance applies to all your policies with us. Remember that includes any non-life insurance and/or savings, pension savings and investment-type insurance you have with us.

Access to your bank accounts

Power of attorney is useful for giving your partner or other family members access to your bank accounts. That could also work the other way around in situations like your elderly parents giving you access to their accounts to help manage their finances.

Grant power of attorney over an account

Our Mobile app makes it easy to give someone access to your bank account. Select just one or multiple accounts at the same time, depending on your power of attorney needs.

End power of attorney over an account

Sometimes power of attorney can be for multiple accounts. Ending someone’s power of attorney over your account does so for all your accounts included under the power of attorney concerned. If you’d like to end someone’s power of attorney over just one of your accounts, KBC Live can do this for you.