Rent a bike fast in KBC Brussels Mobile

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Rent a bike in KBC Brussels Mobile

Getting around town on the bike is often easier than with the car. Not only that, it's better for the environment too. For the eco-minded, KBC Brussels Mobile now facilitates one-day bike rentals from Mobit, Blue-bike and Velo Antwerpen.

Compare Mobit, Blue-bike et Velo Antwerpen




  • MobitIn Flanders

  • Blue-bike: At 60 train stations throughout Belgium

  • Velo Antwerpen: Antwerp and surrounding districts




  • Mobit: 4 EUR for a day pass (valid for 24 hours).No membership fee charged

  • Blue-bike: 5 EUR for a day pass (valid for 24 hours). No membership fee charged

  • Velo Antwerpen:  5 EUR for a day pass (valid for 24 hours). No membership fee charged


Ride duration


  • Mobit:  Maximum 24 hours

  • Blue-bike:  Maximum 24 hours

  • Velo Antwerpen:  Maximum 30 minutes per ride (multiple rides possible within 24 hours)


Borrowing a bike


  • Mobit: Scan a bike's QR code and buy a day pass. After buying the pass, the lock opens automatically and you can start using the bike.  

  • Blue-bike:  Enter your ticket's code into the machine at the bike rental point. Take your key from the hatch and remove your Blue-bike.

    For a smart shared bike, install the Blue-bike app and enter the code on your ticket where you see 'Use a voucher'. Follow the instructions in the app to open the lock.

  • Velo Antwerpen: Enter the user code and password for your ticket into the machine at the bike rental point. Your Velo bike’s lock number appears on the screen.


Returning a bike


  • Mobit: Anywhere within a Mobit zone, the boundaries of which can be found in KBC Brussels Mobile. Lock the bike. Your reservation remains valid until the day pass expires or you release the bike in the app.

  • Blue-bike: At the same station where you borrowed the bike. Scan the key and insert it into the illuminated lock. For a smart shared bike, lock the bike manually and your ride will end automatically.

  • Velo Antwerpen: At any bike rental point. Enter your user code and password again to log out.




  • MobitBlue-bike et Velo Antwerpen: Just order and pay for your day pass in KBC Brussels Mobile.


How does it work?

1. Open KBC Brussels Mobile and tap 'Additional services' in the login screen
2. Tap 'Rent a shared bike'
3. Select a bike supplier and order a day pass
4. Pay right from KBC Brussels Mobile


Got a question?

Check out the FAQs.

Rent a bike in KBC Brussels Mobile