Got home-related queries?

Frequently asked questions

Got home-related queries?

Frequently asked questions

Work out and apply for a mortgage loan

Where can I calculate the cost of a mortgage loan?

Already have definite plans? Open KBC Brussels Mobile and go to ‘More > Home > Security deposit, loan or insurance > Borrow to buy or build your new home’.

No specific plans at the moment? Quickly see the options open to you at

For what purposes can I work out and apply for a mortgage loan?

You can calculate a mortgage loan to:

  • Buy a home
  • Renovate your home
  • Buy land
  • Realise your building plans

You can't calculate a mortgage loan for a property to be used professionally or for one located abroad.

Which documents do I need with me when calculating and applying for a new mortgage loan?

You’ll need pay slips, plus a purchase agreement or quotes for your planned renovations to start a new application.

Who can work out and apply for a mortgage loan?

Any individual aged 18 or over who permanently resides in Belgium. Depending on your civil status, you can do this alone (whether you’re single or officially living with someone) or with your partner (whether you’re married or officially living with someone).

If you’re legally separated, you can’t apply on your own.

Who has to sign for the mortgage loan?

All borrowers specified in the application must sign the contract.

Home Assistance

What is Home Assistance?

KBC Home Assistance is insurance providing a home response service in the event of serious and unexpected problems in your home.

Just call us and we’ll arrange everything. Even at night or the weekend, when it’s even harder to find available, affordable repair services yourself. We'll send out a repairer. You don't have to find anyone yourself.

Anyone can take out this insurance, even if they don’t have home insurance with us.

It's intended for a property where you live or that you use as additional accommodation, as long as it's only for personal use. We don’t cover property owned to let.

How can I take out this insurance?

In the menu, tap 'More > Home > Security deposit, loan or insurance > Get insurance for fast repairs to your home'. Read the information, specify the home you want to insure and indicate the account to use to pay your premiums.

When can you obtain assistance under the insurance, how much does it cost and how much will be paid out?

See for full details.

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