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  • Securely share your files with others
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There are so many things to remember and keep safe these days: what’s the password for that website again? Where did you put the warranty certificate for your new barbecue? What about that important photo with your grandfather that you didn't want to lose? We have the solution. It’s time to discover your digital safe.

What is your digital safe?

Your digital safe is an application in KBC Brussels Mobile where you can store all your important data, documents or photos, such as your passwords, credit card numbers, warranty certificates, diplomas, and so on.

This safe is very secure: only you can access it, whenever and wherever you need. Not even KBC Brussels can access the data you put in it.

What can you store in your digital safe?

Accounts and passwords WiFi, Netflix, Apple ID, computer, e-mail, service vouchers, PINs and PUKs, etc.
Copies or photos of valuable documents Student card, diploma, driving licence, warranty certificate, navigation certificate, personal assistance card, etc.
Medical data Medical data for you and your partner (can be shared with others such as your children), health data, health insurance member number, etc.

What do you need?

  • If you’re a KBC Brussels customer, you can access all the features of your digital safe, with a maximum storage capacity of 5 MB.
  • If you have a KBC Brussels Plus Account, you can also access all the features of your digital safe, and your storage capacity is unlimited.

Securely share your data with others

If you would like to share a document or photo with a friend or relative, you can!

You can now share data with whomever you like, as long as you both have a digital safe in KBC Brussels Mobile.

How do you share data with others?

You can share the data in your digital safe by sending an invitation link with the standard sharing apps on your smartphone (WhatsApp, text message, e-mail, etc.).

The shared files are then securely stored in the digital safe of the person you shared them with. You decide how long you want to share the document with this person.

Where can you find your digital safe?

  1. Open KBC Brussels Mobile, select 'Additional services' and sign in.
  2. Choose ‘Digital safe’ and then ‘Open your free digital safe’.
  3. Choose a password and confirm your e-mail address.
  4. Tap the plus sign ( + ) at the bottom right to add a file.

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