Google Pay™

Frequently asked questions

Google Pay™

Frequently asked questions

Need help?

Call the KBC Brussels Helpdesk on 02 303 31 73

or send an e-mail to

  • Mon–Fri: 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.
  • Sat. from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
What should I do if I lose my smartphone?
Card Stop 070 344 344
  1. Call the KBC Brussels Helpdesk on 02 303 31 73 to block your KBC Brussels app
  2. Call Card Stop on 070 344 344 (0.30 euros a minute) to block your card
  3. Lock your smartphone with the Android Device Manager to prevent others from using it

When you call Card Stop, you can also ask for a new card, whose details you can then add to Google Pay on your smartphone.

Where can you get Google Pay?

Google Pay comes with some Android phones as standard. If yours doesn’t have it, you can get it from Google Play. Google Pay works on all Android phones running Lollipop 5.0 or higher.

Where can you pay with Google Pay?

You can use it in any store displaying the Google Pay, Maestro or contactless payment symbol around the world, provided the payment terminal supports Maestro payments. Belgian shops that only use Bancontact don’t accept payments using Google Pay.

Which phones are compatible with Google Pay?

All Android phones running 5.0 or higher with Near Field Communication (NFC). Go to ‘Settings -> Networks’ to see if yours has NFC.

How do I pay with Google Pay?

Hold your phone close to the payment terminal for a few seconds. For purchases up to 50 euros, just wake your phone. You can make three consecutive payments that way. Need to pay more than 50 euros? Unlock your phone with your PIN, password, swipe pattern or fingerprint. You know you’ve paid once your phone pings or vibrates. The payment terminal will also show you that you’ve paid.

What should I do if I lose my debit card?
Card Stop 070 344 344

Block your debit card with KBC Brussels Mobile. Tap the card you want to block, select Card Stop and follow the instructions.

Or call Card Stop on 070 344 344 (0.30 euros a minute).  This also blocks your virtual card in Google Pay and means that no-one can make payments using your smartphone.

You will have to add your new debit card details again in Google Pay.

What if you’re told that your activation code has expired?

Remove your card from Google Pay and start again. You’ll receive a new code to activate your card. Bear in mind that your activation code is only valid for one hour, so enter it right away.


Is Google Pay safe to use?

Google Pay generates a virtual card number so your actual card details aren’t saved on your phone. Android doesn’t use them to make payments either. Payments of more than 50 euros need to be authorised with a PIN, password, swipe pattern or fingerprint.

How much can I spend using Google Pay?

The limit for your KBC Brussels Debit Card applies to Google Pay (i.e. a standard 2,500 euros per week per card). You can modify this limit in KBC Brussels Touch or in KBC Brussels Mobile.

How do you verify your identity?

This is done by text message. If you don’t get that option or if the four-digit code that Google Pay shows you doesn’t correspond with the last four digits of your mobile number, you’ll have to provide us with your number. You can enter it under your contact details in KBC Brussels Touch or KBC Brussels Mobile or give it to us at your KBC Brussels branch.

Where can I see an overview of the payments I made using my smartphone?
  1. Open Google Pay and select the card for which you want to see the transactions
  2. The app displays the last 10 payments you made with that card
How can I dispute a payment?
Where can I find the virtual bank account number?

You can find it in the Google Pay app. For security reasons, the app doesn't use your real card number, which is why you only see the last four digits of your virtual account number on your receipt.

What information does Google see?

Google receives a bare minimum of details (name, merchant, amount, location) to show you.

Card management

Which cards can be added to Google Pay?

Our latest debit cards are contactless-ready and ideal for making smaller payments that way. Check in our KBC Brussels Mobile whether your card is enabled for contactless payments.

How do you add your card?

Open Google Pay and tap the + sign. If your phone hasn’t been secured yet with a PIN, password, fingerprint or swipe pattern, Google Pay will ask you to do this before you go any further. All you have to do then is follow the instructions on your screen to add your card.

How do I recognise my card in Google Pay?

You’ll see the last four digits of your debit card number in the lower left corner.

Which card do I pay with in Google Pay

If you've registered more than one card in Google Pay, you pay with your default card (i.e. the card displayed at the top of the list).

How do I pay with a debit card other than the default one?

Select the card you want to pay with in the app and then hold your smartphone against the terminal.

How do I change my default card in Google Pay?
  1. Select the card you want to set as your default
  2. Drag it to the top of the list: the first card in the list is now your default one
How do I remove a card in Google Pay?
  1. Select the card you want to remove
  2. Tap 'Remove card' at the bottom of the screen

Payment refused?

Woken up your smartphone?

Press your smartphone's on-off (power) button before making payment.

Have you activated NFC on your smartphone?

Google Pay works exclusively with NFC technology on your smartphone.

Does the payment terminal accept Maestro?

It does when it has a Maestro logo on it.

Does the payment terminal accept contactless payments?

It does if it has the logo with four radio waves on it.

What happens if the payment terminal indicates that the 'card cannot be read'?

Try again. Make sure to hold your smartphone long enough and close enough to the terminal. Don't let your smartphone go into sleep mode.

What should I do if 'temporarily refused' is displayed on the payment terminal?


  • Whether you have enough money on your account
  • In KBC Brussels Mobile whether 'Contactless payments' has been enabled for your debit card
  • Whether your debit card has been blocked
What's happening if 'Try another card' is displayed on the payment terminal and my smartphone doesn't react?

Possible causes

  • Your smartphone is sleeping: press the on-off (power) button
  • The terminal does not accept Maestro
  • The terminal is not equipped to accept contactless payments

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