KBC Brussels Custody Account

  • A safe place to hold and manage your investments
  • Account opened automatically
  • Free of charge

Why open a custody account at KBC Brussels?

You usually need a custody account for investing. This is an account where your investments (shares, bonds or funds) are held and managed. It differs from current and savings accounts in that it can only be used for investments, not for everyday transactions.

Your custody account is opened automatically when you start investing in KBC Brussels Mobile or KBC Brussels Touch. You can also drop by your KBC Brussels branch or contact KBC Brussels Live to open one.

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More information about the KBC Brussels Custody Account

After buying your investments (assets like shares, bonds or funds), they will appear in your custody account. The contents of your custody account can be viewed in KBC Brussels Mobile and KBC Brussels Touch. You will also receive a clear statement of all your investments at least once a year.

Any proceeds from your investments (such as dividends or interest) are credited automatically to the current or savings account linked to your custody account.

You can open a custody account for free and you won’t be charged anything for keeping your investments in it.

Don’t forget that fees and charges are payable when you buy the investments themselves. For funds, the relevant fees and charges are set out in the fund fact sheets. For other investments, they are in the schedule of investment-related fees.

Want to start investing?

An easy way to start investing at KBC Brussels is to begin with small amounts. You don't need to have specialist knowledge and you stay in control of your money.

Find out how to start investing