Custody accounts

Custody accounts


You usually need a custody account for investing. Once you have one, you can buy and manage investments like shares and bonds.


If you buy KBC Brussels securities, we don't charge you a custody fee. A standard fee applies to other securities.


With a KBC Brussels Custody Account, investments in physical form (like certain foreign securities) are safe from loss or theft.

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What is a custody account?

You usually need a custody account for investing. This is an account used for keeping investments in assets like shares, bonds, savings certificates and funds safe and managing them. You get a clear statement of all your investments at least once a year. It differs from current and savings accounts in that it can only be used for investments, not everyday transactions.

Opening a custody account

If you want to open a custody account, you need to go to your bank branch and you'll also need to bring your identity card with you (the same as when you go to open a current account).

Checking your custody account

Our KBC Brussels Invest app gives you an overview of your custody account.

Investing for children

KBC Brussels Tall Trees Custody Account

If you'd like to invest for your children or other loved ones, a KBC Brussels Tall Trees Custody Account is the one to open for them. You do this the same way as for our standard custody account at your KBC Brussels Bank branch.

  • You choose for whom you're investing and what to do with your investments on the account
  • You stay in control of the assets until they are released and specify for whom, how much and in which securities you invest
  • You always have the option of transferring the securities to the beneficiary or cancelling the third-party beneficiary clause

Custody account charges

If you carry out transactions using your KBC Brussels Custody Account, charges may apply. We also charge an annual custody fee, though this doesn't apply to KBC Brussels securities.

See charges for the most common custody account transactions.

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