Holiday loan

Holiday loan

At 8.25%
  • Make repayments at your own pace
  • Work out your loan online and apply for it right away
  • Borrow from as little as 500 euros
Calculate and apply

Representative example: for an instalment loan of 10,500 euros to be repaid over 60 months at a fixed annual debit rate and annual percentage rate of charge of 8.25%, you pay 60 instalments of 212.67 euros per month or 12,760.11 euros in total. Rate applies from 04-07-2023 for terms of up to 60 months, for an instalment loan used to various personal purposes.

What is a holiday loan?

Whether it’s a round-the-world trip, a luxury cruise or a hiking trip in a far-away country, your holiday dreams can sometimes stretch beyond your budget. However, if you can’t resist your wanderlust, you can always take out a holiday loan. That way, you can go on your trip when you want and also spread the cost.

Your holiday loan at a glance:

  • Repayments are made monthly and spread over at least 12 months
  • You work out your loan online and can apply for it right away
  • If you’re a customer at KBC Brussels, you can use KBC Brussels Touch and KBC Brussels Mobile to get a complete overview of your loan
Work out your holiday loan

Work out and apply for your holiday loan

How does your simulation work?

  • Fill in the amount you want to borrow (at least 500 and no more than 50 000 euros in your app/15 000 euros on the website)
  • Select the term for paying off your loan (at least 12 and no more than 72 months)
  • Work out your monthly repayments
  • If you like what’s being offered, apply for your loan right away
Work it out and apply

More information about your holiday loan

Not to worry. If you don't have a current account at KBC Brussels, you can still work out and apply for your loan online.

Lenen voor een verre reis

You want to do a tour of the West Coast of America and estimate it will cost you about 3 000 euros. You’ve already saved 2 000 and would like to borrow the remaining 1 000 euros.

If you decide to pay off your loan over a period of one year, you’ll pay around 87 euros a month. In the end, you will have paid back about 1 044 euros.

If you want to take out your loan at a KBC Brussels branch rather than online, that’s perfectly possible too. Your personal rate will be exactly the same. The only thing that may differ is the minimum and maximum term of your loan.

  • At your KBC Brussels branch, the minimum term is six months and the maximum 120 months
  • With an online simulation, the minimum term is 12 months and the maximum 72 months
Work out your holiday loan

Got a question or require more information?

Our staff at KBC Brussels Live are on hand to assist you over the phone or by video chat (evenings and Saturdays included).

Form of credit: instalment loan. Lender: KBC Bank NV, Havenlaan 2, 1080 Brussels, VAT BE 0462.920.226, RLP Brussels, FSMA 026.256 A. Subject to your credit application being approved by KBC Bank NV.