Investment documentation

Investment documentation

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When units in an investment fund are sold, withholding tax (the so-called ‘Reynders tax') may be due in some cases on the capital gains realised. This overview includes an asset test showing which investment funds are subject to this levy (Belgian withholding tax).

The Key Investor Information Document will help you understand the nature of investment funds and the risks associated with them. In this way, the document enables you to make well-informed investment decisions.


It is sometimes necessary, in the investor’s interest, to merge or liquidate a sub-fund or investment fund. Find out more in this overview.


  • Press releases

Here, you can consult the press releases on prospectus updates (only available in French), the involved sub-funds and the period during which a cost-free redemption of parts, taxes exempt, is possible.


  • Where are the assets in which your investment fund invests?

    A custodian literally takes custody of the assets in which your investment fund invests. They also perform a number of checks. Read here about who has assumed this important task for your investment fund.

  • Update on the tax on custody accounts

    In the summer of 2017, the government decided to implement tax on custody accounts from 2018. The act came into force on 10 March 2018.
    A summary of the scope of this act is provided here.

  • Execution Quality Report – KBC Asset Management NV (pdf, csv)

    The Execution Quality Report describes for each class of financial instruments the top five execution venues and information on the quality of execution obtained.
    In scope of the report are orders executed for professional and retail mandates managed by KBC Asset Management NV.

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For each investment product, consult information such as the investment policy, risks and key data - and documents such as the prospectus and the Key Investors Information document (KIID).

About us: guidelines and procedures

The General Terms and Conditions govern the relationship between KBC Asset Management and its clients. If you require an earlier version, please contact your dedicated relationship manager.

Your privacy is very important to us. Our aim is to process your personal data in a manner that is lawful, appropriate and transparent. In this privacy statement, we explain which of your personal details we collect from you as a natural person and then process.

KBC offers a variety of investment instruments, each with its own features, strengths and weaknesses. You will find all of them in this brochure, which you can use to make the right choice in consultation with your financial adviser.

KBC Asset Management takes all reasonable measures to achieve the best possible result when orders are executed and processes these orders promptly and accurately. Read the details of this execution and processing here. 

Conflicts of interest can exist or arise within management companies. KBC Asset Management therefore has a code of conduct for conflicts of interest in order to detect, solve and monitor any such conflicts. It ensures that we operate fairly in line with the client’s interests.

Combating fraud is a priority for KBC Asset Management. Here you can read more about the measures we take to prevent and reduce the risk of fraud and malpractice.

KBC Asset Management staff are obliged to report any suspicion of fraud or other serious malpractices. This procedure enables them to do so without fear of reprisal.

This report provides you with more information on how entities in the KBC Asset Management group organise their remuneration policy.

This document gives you more information about how the engagement policy of KBC Asset Management was implemented last year.

This document gives you an overview of all shareholders' meetings in which KBC Asset Management participated. It shows how KBC Asset Management voted in favor of the proposed resolutions.

This document gives you an overview of the exclusion policy applicable to all investment funds of KBC Asset Management.

This document gives you an overview of the exclusion policy applicable to all socially resposible investment funds of KBC Asset Management.

Systematic and transparent information within the framework of the European Sustainability Related Financial Disclosure Regulation (SFDR).


Information on shares recommendations

  • Read these important General guidelines for share recommendations
  • More information on the valuation rules and sensitivity analysis (Dutch)  (French)
  • Changed recommendations in the past 12 months
  • Our jargon buster:
    • Buy: the analyst expects the price of the share to rise by at least 10% over the next six months.
    • Increase: the analyst expects the price of the share to rise by up to 15% over the next six months.
    • Hold: the analyst expects the price of the share to increase or decrease by up to 5% over the next six months.
    • Decrease: the analyst expects the price of the share to fall by up to 15% over the next six months.
    • Sell: the analyst expects the price of the share to fall by at least 10% over the next six months.
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