What is the ideal amount to invest?

If you’re wondering how much you should invest and whether to invest a regular amount each month or a lump sum, the answer is really quite simple. The ideal approach depends on your personal situation and preferences. You should also focus on the amount you can do without (each month) and for how long you can do without it. It’s possible to start investing with very small sums of money and this money has the potential to earn more than in a standard savings account.

Investing can be done with a modest amount of capital (to start off with)

If you’re ready to take your first steps as an investor, you can always start by putting a small sum of money into an investment plan. Such a plan enables you to invest a fixed amount of your choice at regular intervals.

Want to invest very small sums of money? Start spare change investing

You make purchases and payments from your current account (virtually) every day. If you decide to invest your spare change, what you spend is rounded up to the nearest euro. Once your roundups reach 10 euros, we put them into an investment plan for you, meaning you invest effortlessly without it having any noticeable impact on your budget.

Want to invest small sums of money? Go for a KBC Brussels Investment Plan

  • You can start investing from as little as 25 euros a month – you can also adjust the size of future deposits and pause, restart or stop your plan at any time.
  • Professional fund managers spread your money across a mix of investments (e.g., shares, bonds, etc.).
  • Diversified investing, both in terms of the funds and time, ensures that the risk is also more diversified.

With a KBC Brussels Investment Plan, you don’t have to actively track the stock market yourself and also avoid being unnerved by unpredictable volatility in the stock market. This is because specialised fund managers do the complicated work of actively managing your fund. And when you put money into your investment plan each month over a long period of time, you always end up investing at average prices. Putting a modest amount of money into the KBC Brussels Investment Plan each month enables you to start small and so help you overcome your initial hesitation.

What else do you need to know before investing your money?

  • As you’re investing money you don't need in the near future, it's best to establish a savings buffer first and then estimate how much money you can do without each month. Even if it’s not much (to start off with), investing a small amount regularly can grow into a large sum over time.
  • Take your time, investing is something you do for the long term. The more time you have, the longer you can make your money work for you.
  • The interest-on-interest effect (also known as the ‘capitalisation effect’) means that the potential return on your investment is added to the capital so that it too can generate a return. The earlier you start and the longer you invest, the greater that effect will be and the more your assets can grow.
  • You don't pay anything extra apart from the usual charges for the investment funds selected.

Choose the investment plan that suits you and start investing

  • Spare change investing: this is the most accessible way to start investing. When you opt for this service, we round up all payments made from your current account to the nearest euro. For instance, if you purchase something for 3.51 euros, we round up that figure to 4 euros and credit the 49 cents change to your investment plan.
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  • KBC Brussels Investment Plan: if you’d rather invest a fixed amount each time instead of the sum of your spare change, it would be better to go for a KBC Brussels Investment Plan. You can then set things up so that you invest, say, 25 euros a month.
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  • Investing in strategy funds: if you prefer to receive a personalised proposal before you start investing, complete your investment profile and receive a no-obligation proposal for a monthly investment plan that’s tailored to your situation and preferences. What’s more, you can also choose to invest a lump sum in a strategy fund, in combination or not with a regular amount each month.
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Choose the investment plan that suits you and start investing

Spare change investing KBC Brussels Investment Plan Investing in strategy funds

Minimum amount

10 euros 25 euros 25 euros

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Based on your investment profile

Responsible investment funds

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