Building a more sustainable world together

Keen to do your bit for a more sustainable world but not sure where to start? With KBC Brussels on hand, you won’t have to go about it alone. You may be interested to learn that you can start out by taking small steps that ensure you can live more sustainably but without feeling it in your wallet. We also offer responsible investments that allow you to invest in more sustainable companies. We’ll provide you with all the support you need and make sure we lead by example. This is our way of moving forward with you to achieve greater sustainability.

If you use KBC Brussels Mobile, you can find in one place news articles on sustainability and all our solutions for investing responsibly, borrowing to fund more sustainable investments and protecting those investments financially. Just select ‘Becoming more sustainable together’ in the app’s start screen.

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1. Live more sustainably with our help

You can start by taking your own simple steps to help achieve a more sustainable world and also keep your spending under control. Regardless of how big the steps you take, we’ll be there to provide support and make things much easier for you.

Living more sustainably

  • Energy insights’ and ‘Save on energy bills’ in KBC Brussels Mobile let you can keep a tighter rein on your monthly energy expenditure. Feel free to tell Kate, your digital assistant at the top right of KBC Brussels Mobile: ‘I want to save energy.’
  • You can borrow more cheaply if you buy an energy-efficient home or carry out energy-saving renovations. Learn more.
  • If you take out home insurance at KBC Brussels, your charging station and home battery are automatically covered too. Solar panels may also be covered, but as this is not always the case, it’s best to check with your Insurance Expert to make sure.

Remember, borrowing money also costs money.

Make your house a more sustainable home

Getting around more sustainably

2. We will help you invest responsibly for a more sustainable world through our products

Responsible investing funds enable you to invest in companies that explicitly acknowledge the importance of the environment, social issues and corporate governance.

That specific focus does not mean that you have to compromise on your returns. Research shows that social and financial returns can go hand in hand: funds that invest responsibly generate similar long-term returns to traditional funds.

Lastly, responsible investing means you have an impact on the business world. KBC Brussels enters into a dialogue on your behalf with the companies you invest in and helps determine their operations through the exercise of voting rights at general meetings.

Did you know that two out of three new investors at KBC Brussels choose to invest responsibly?

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3. KBC Brussels assumes its responsibility when it comes to sustainability

‘As a bank-insurance company, we play an important role in the transition to a more sustainable future. Not just for our own generation, but for future ones too. It’s important that we reduce our footprint and have a more positive impact on society. We encourage our employees and our customers to work together and meet this challenge as one.’

Johan Thijs, KBC Group CEO

  • Reducing our environmental footprint
    We have reduced our own greenhouse gas emissions by 68% since 2015. We also apply strict sustainability criteria when granting loans and offering insurance or when selecting companies for inclusion in our investment funds.

  • Enhancing our positive impact on society
    We help our customers become more sustainable by informing them, raising their awareness and offering them an appropriate range of products and services. We also offer solutions to the challenges faced by society.
  • Encouraging responsible behaviour on the part of all employees
    We respect applicable regulations and procedures regarding the protection of your data (GDPR), for example. We continuously hold training courses that deal with such areas as money laundering and cybersecurity.

For KBC Brussels, sustainability is much more than just climate and ecology. For us, it is essential that everyone is given opportunities. That’s why we run the KBC Brussels Belmobiel to go to the homes of people who are less mobile or less digitally adept, why we are loyal partners of the ‘Kom op tegen Kanker’ and ‘De Warmste Week’ charities, why we support the financial literacy of young people and why we work to increase diversity throughout KBC Brussels., ...

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