How do you build up a financial reserve?

How do you build up a financial reserve?

Watching your income steadily drop as the month goes on is not a great feeling, especially when you suddenly see something you really want to buy, or when you receive an expensive bill. Fortunately, we have plenty of tips to help you build up a cash reserve. This way, you will be able to do something fun with that money later on and you will be prepared for financial setbacks.

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The art of saving is something you can learn

Everyone tries to live at a certain standard of living and saving seems to put this at risk. But it doesn't have to be like that. You can often set money aside without having to sacrifice quality of life. The following tips will help you on your way:

Tweak your lifestyle a bit

Start with a few little changes: bring a packed lunch instead of buying a sandwich every day, turn off the light when you leave a room, take a shower instead of a bath and so on.

Adjust your buying habits and consumption

  • Buy things second-hand
  • Plan your shopping and make more expensive purchases during sales
  • Rescue meals from restaurants: there are apps available that you can use to collect delicious and still perfectly edible products for free from shops and restaurants that would have otherwise thrown them away after closing
  • Cook on the cheap: there are lots of websites around for inspiration if you're cooking on a budget

Take a good look at your accounts

Make a list of your fixed costs (electricity, telephone, Internet, etc.) and check to see whether you can get a cheaper formula that better suits your consumption. Try to get a better idea of the subscriptions you don't use much that it would be better to cancel.

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Be smart

  • Use loyalty cards: you often get great discounts when you regularly shop at the same stores
  • Take a holiday in Belgium and save on travel costs: there are many amazing places to discover literally on your own doorstep

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Bouw een financiële reserve op

Of course, the above points are just a few of the many tips you can use to save money. Depending on your situation, there will undoubtedly be other ways you can save some extra money at the end of the month.

So take a look at what you spend your money on and whether it could be cheaper in the future.

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