Buy now, pay later with the KBC Brussels Payment Button

Free of charge
  • KBC Brussels pays the retailer for your online purchase right away
  • Get up to 60 days to repay KBC Brussels
  • Available for purchases costing as little as 0.01 euro

Postpone payment at no extra cost, it couldn’t be easier!

Online shopping is even more fun with the KBC Brussels Payment Button! One push lets you buy now and pay later for any amount up to a maximum of 1 250 euros.

We send the purchase amount to the retailer so that’s it’s immediately paid for, at which point you have 60 days to repay that amount to KBC Brussels. Best of all, this service is completely free. You don’t pay anything extra!

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You can use the KBC Brussels Payment Button:

  • If it is offered in the retailer’s online store
  • if you pay for your purchases in the online store using a smartphone and KBC Brussels Mobile
  • If you're 18 or older
  • If you have a personal account

You have up to 60 calendar days starting from the date of purchase to repay KBC Brussels for the advance payment.

The payment of purchases between 0 and 1 250 euros can be postponed to a later date. Please note that you can postpone payment of a maximum of 1 250 euros over a period of 60 days across all your accounts.

The combined total of your purchase and any outstanding advance payments may not exceed this limit of 1 250 euros, otherwise your purchase will be refused.

As soon as you have repaid an outstanding advance payment, that amount will no longer count towards your remaining limit for postponed payments with the KBC Brussels Payment Button.

  1. Choose KBC Brussels Mobile on the payment screen of the retailer’s online store and you will be redirected to our app
  2. On the payment summary screen in KBC Brussels Mobile, scroll to 'Date', and select 'Pay later'
  3. Enter the date you will repay KBC Brussels for the advance payment (you have up to 60 days to repay)
  4. You will now see the date you’ve chosen, which is when the money will be taken from your account (you don’t need to do anything else for the transfer itself, this will happen automatically on the date you’ve chosen)
  5. Hit ‘Confirm’

If you would like to pay the retailer yourself immediately, don’t enter a date in step 3 and instead hit 'Confirm' right away.

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