How to view cancelled products in KBC Brussels Touch

How to view cancelled products in KBC Brussels Touch

Which ‘cancelled products’ can be viewed?

Following cancelled products can be viewed: current accounts, savings accounts and credit cards.

Credit cards which have been replaced as a result of Card Stop or which reached their expiration date, are not visible here. You can still find them on the ‘Payments’ dashboard.

A mandate on a product expires whenever that product is cancelled.

Where in KBC Brussels Touch?

From the ‘Payments’ dashboard (or any other dashboard selected from the menu on the left) select ‘More…’ at the top right of the dashboard and select the option ‘cancelled products’.

On the page ‘transactions’ you get an overview of all transactions executed in the year where the current account, savings account or credit card was cancelled.

A history of maximum 10 years is available by means of the advanced search engine.

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