Want to send a registered e-mail safely and easily?

It's easy to do in KBC Brussels Mobile

Want to send a registered e-mail safely and easily?

It's easy to do in KBC Brussels Mobile

From now on, you can easily send important information by registered e-mail in KBC Brussels Mobile. Set up your e-mail in a few clicks and follow the status in your overview screen. Our partner IPEX will ensure that everything runs smoothly and safely. It couldn’t be easier!

Why would you send a registered e-mail?

Sending registered e-mails is safe and easy:

  • The recipient’s e-mail address is all you need
  • You receive a delivery receipt and you can track your e-mail in KBC Brussels Mobile
  • You can be sure that everything runs smoothly and safely thanks to our partner IPEX

Moreover, a registered e-mail is often advisable if you want to send important information.

For example:

  • Writing to your contractor
  • Serving notice of default to parties failing to meet their payment obligations
  • Cancelling your rent or reporting problems with your (rental) home

How do you send a registered e-mail?

Open KBC Brussels Mobile and tap 'Additional services'
Create your message and enter the recipient's e-mail address
Follow the status of your registered email in the overview screen

What do you need?

  • Internet connection (Wi-Fi or 3/4G)
  • KBC Brussels Mobile

Good to know:

  • A registered e-mail costs 4.85 euro
  • You can upload attachments up to 10 MB
  • You can also take photos and upload them directly with your smartphone
  • The recipient can either refuse or accept the registered e-mail and read it in their mailbox
  • KBC Brussels works in association with IPEX for the processing of registered e-mails. IPEX specialises in sending electronically registered e-mails, among other things. KBC Brussels forwards the registered e-mails to IPEX, which in turn transmits them to the addressees.

Please note that a registered e-mail is not the same as a registered letter. Learn more.

Discover more about registered e-mails in our FAQ

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