Book a cambio car with KBC Brussels Mobile

  • No subscription required
  • Book far in advance or last minute
  • Fuel and basic insurance included
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Itching to get out and about this summer?

We’ve put together 20 fun day trips to experience this summer with public transport, car or by bike.

Need a car now and again, but prefer not to buy one? Look no further than a shared car from cambio. Book one fast with KBC Brussels Mobile without needing to pay subscription fees.

Get the benefits of car-sharing with KBC Brussels Mobile

  1. Book a cambio car using KBC Brussels Mobile without a subscription and only pay for the kilometres and the hours you drive
  2. Pay no deposit
  3. Get EV charging/fuel and basic insurance included in your rental
  4. Book far in advance or last minute for short or long distances
  5. Avoid unnecessary admin

How do you book a shared car?

  1. Open KBC Brussels Mobile
  2. Tap Additional services > cambio
  3. Sign up: have your ID card and driver’s licence handy
  4. Book a car: choose a pick-up location, vehicle class and a start and end time

What does it cost?

  • The activation fee is 20 euros
  • You pay per hour and per kilometre and prices differ depending on the car you go for (what you pay per kilometre may vary based on fuel prices)

Rates valid on 01-03-2024

Type of car: 'Small'

  • Rate per hour: 3.30 euros
  • Rate per kilometre (up to 100 km)*: 0.38 euros
  • Rate per kilometre (from 101 km)*: 0.26 euros

Type of car: 'Medium'

  • Rate per hour: 3.90 euros
  • Rate per kilometre (up to 100 km)*: 0.39 euros
  • Rate per kilometre (from 101 km)*: 0.27 euros

Type of car: 'Large'

  • Rate per hour: 4.50 euros
  • Rate per kilometre (up to 100 km)*: 0.41 euros
  • Rate per kilometre (from 101 km)*: 0.27 euros
Type of car (rates valid on 01-03-2024) Small Medium Large
Rate per hour 3.30 euros 3.90 euros 4.50 euros
Rate per kilometre (up to 100 km) 0.38 euros 0.39 euros 0.41 euros
Rate per kilometre (from 101 km) 0.26 euros 0.27 euros 0.27 euros

Example: You rent a medium-sized car for 3 hours and you drive 120 km.

  • Your rate per hour is 3 x 3.90 euros = 11.70 euros
  • Your kilometre rate is (100 x 0.39 euros) + (20 x 0.27 euros) = 44.40 euros
  • So the price of your trip is 56.10 euros in total

You may also have to pay surcharges in certain cases. See surcharges.

All costs for your car are automatically charged to the account you specify.

Go to cambio in KBC Brussels Mobile

Get extra protection with KBC Brussels cambio Car Deductible Insurance

Cambio shared cars come with basic insurance (offered by cambio) included. If your cambio car is damaged or stolen, cambio will usually charge you a deductible of 1,000 euros. cambio Car Deductible Insurance lets you opt to reduce the deductible you have to pay.


Cambio Car Deductible Insurance reduces your deductible to 200 euros.

It costs 5 euros a day (per 24-hour period started).

Not covered

  • Events of loss you cause in a state of alcoholic intoxication, inebriation or similar condition due to the use of products other than alcoholic beverages
  • Damage you cause intentionally

Terms and conditions

  • You rent a passenger car from one of cambio’s Belgian locations
  • You’re over 25 with a valid full driving licence or have held one for at least two years if you’re under 25
  • You satisfy the rules set out in the general terms and conditions of the car rental agreement entered into with cambio
  • Only you are allowed to drive the cambio car you’re renting, except if you’re a passenger in the cambio car (in which case, your spouse or legally cohabiting partner is also permitted to drive the vehicle, provided they’re over 25 with a valid full driving licence or have held one for at least two years if under 25)

Good to know

  • This product is governed by the laws of Belgium.
  • KBC Brussels cambio Car Deductible Insurance applies while renting a cambio car.
  • If you have a complaint about this insurance, please contact KBC Brussels Complaints Management: Brusselsesteenweg 100, 3000 Leuven,, tel. tel. 016 43 25 94 (free of charge) or + 32 78 15 20 45 (charges apply), fax 016 86 30 38.
    If you cannot find a suitable solution, you can contact the Insurance Ombudsman Service: Ombudsman van de Verzekeringen, de Meeûssquare 35, 1000 Brussels,, This does not affect your legal rights.
  • This page is for information purposes only. It cannot supplement, contradict or amend the terms of an insurance contract as laid down in the conditions of cover.
    Learn more about this insurance from its ‘Insurance Information Document’, which you should read carefully before taking out the cover. See the bottom of this page for the insurance information document and conditions.
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