Pension saving

The smart choice for now and for later!

Pension saving

The smart choice for now and for later!

Starting from just 10 euros a month

Put money away for your pension starting from as little as 10 euros a month.

Several products on offer

Whether it's a pension savings fund or pension savings insurance plan, you choose the formula that suits you best.

Choice of annual tax relief

In 2022, set aside either 990 euros or 1,270 euros for your retirement (and earn tax relief of 297 euros or 317.5 euros, respectively).

Start to save for your pension

How is the coronavirus impacting your investments?

Why you should start saving for your pension

Pay less tax

Start saving towards your pension and qualify for tax relief from year one. So, you don't have to wait until you retire to enjoy the benefits of pension saving.

Since 2018, you can choose between 2 maximum amounts (provided you pay sufficient tax).

  • Option 1: save up to 990 euros euros per year
    You qualify for a tax benefit of 30%, or a maximum of 297 euros per year.

  • Option 2: save up to 1,270 euros euro per jaar
    You qualify for a tax benefit of 25%, or a maximum of 317.5 euros per year.
Pay less tax

If you save a lower amount towards your pension, you will not receive the full tax break. With KBC Brussels Touch and KBC Brussels Mobile, seeing how much still has to be saved to reach your chosen maximum amount is possible in just a few taps or clicks.

Supplement your state pension

There is every chance that your state pension won't be enough to maintain your lifestyle when you retire. Pension saving is one way to supplement your state retirement pension.

Fact: over 500,000 of our customers save for their pension with us.

The return you could get on your pension savings

The return depends on several things, including the product you go for:

  • Pension savings fund
    A pension savings fund invests in shares and bonds and is therefore susceptible to fluctuations on the financial markets. The advantage to this is that you stand a chance of achieving a higher return. The flipside is that the size of your return and repayment of the capital sum you invest are exposed to market risk and therefore cannot be guaranteed. You also have to pay annual management fees.

  • Pension savings insurance plan
    If you're after a higher degree of security, you're better to go for a pension savings insurance plan. Each deposit you make earns a guaranteed rate of interest right up until your contract ends. In addition, the insurance company may also pay a profit share, but that depends on its results and therefore is not guaranteed.

The costs when saving for your pension

The costs when saving for your pension

Every time you make a deposit, you pay entry charges regardless of whether you're paying into a pension savings fund or a pension savings insurance plan.

If you opt for a pension savings fund, you also pay annual management fees, because the fund invests in shares and bonds and is actively monitored.

For both products, you pay a final tax, usually on your 60th birthday. If you start saving for your pension after turning 55, you have to pay that tax after 10 years.

Note, however, that the exact amount of tax you pay will depend on your individual circumstances and can change in the future. For more information (including on the final tax charge), feel free to contact us.

Buying into a pension savings fund online

You invest in the fund on your own initiative without investment advice from us. That means we don’t assess whether the fund is a suitable investment for you and are unable to fully check whether you belong to the fund’s target market. Contact your branch or KBC Brussels Live to learn more about getting investment advice from us.

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