Heavy rainfall

Prevention tips

Heavy rainfall

Prevention tips

Heavy rainfall is on its way! But is your home waterproof?

You can take a number of simple measures to protect your home against flooding and water seepage, and so prevent damage to your belongings.

Did you know that Kate can also help you submit a claim?

Have damage to your home and want to file a claim? Tell Kate: ‘I want to file a claim’. You can find Kate, your digital assistant, in the top-right corner of KBC Brussels Mobile.

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  • Clean your gutters. If your gutters get clogged, rainwater cannot flow down the drainpipe and will seek an
    alternative escape route.
  • Install a wire balloon guard over the drainpipe from the gutter or flat roof to prevent it from getting blocked up by leaves
  • If your home is located on low ground and is susceptible to flooding during heavy rainfall, ensure that the drains are up to standard and keep your drain grates free of debris
  • If you have a cellar, make sure that everything is stored at least 7 cm above ground level (height of a brick)
  • If necessary, do the same with the furniture in your living room
  • Ensure you have a supply of sandbags 

Report a claim

Sometimes, despite all your efforts, damage does occur. In that case, it’s important to report your claim as quickly as possible.

1. File your claim using KBC Brussels Mobile

Easily send us a brief description and digital photos of the damage if you have a claim under your home insurance. We do the rest!

Once you file a claim using KBC Brussels Mobile, your KBC Brussels insurance contact gets an e-mail with all the relevant information, enabling them (and the people at VAB Breakdown Assistance in some cases) to start processing the claim. You also receive an e-mail confirmation.

Download KBC Brussels Mobile free to your smartphone

1. File your claim using KBC Brussels Mobile or KBC Brussels Touch

KBC Brussels Mobile

Log in to KBC Brussels Mobile
2. Tap ‘My KBC’ at the bottom of your screen
3. Scroll down to ‘Insurance’
4. Tap the insurance under which you want to claim
5. Tap ‘File insurance claims and we will help you’
6. File a new claim

KBC Brussels Touch

Log in to KBC Brussels Touch
2. Tap or click ‘Contact’
3. Select ‘File and follow up on your claim’

2. Claims reporting at KBC Brussels

  • Contact your KBC Brussels Insurance agent
    Your KBC Brussels Insurance agent will be happy to help you open a claim and guide you through the steps for having it settled.
    Find your KBC Brussels Insurance agent.
  • Call our call centre: 
    If you are unable to contact your KBC Brussels Insurance agent or need immediate and urgent claims-related assistance, get in touch with our call centre at any time.

How can I ensure that my claim is handled quickly and efficiently?

Provide us with all essential information as quickly as possible:

  • The circumstances
  • Who was involved
  • What has been damaged
  • Who has been injured

Tip! Storms, snow or hail on the way? No worries. Use our KBC Brussels Mobile app to get weather alerts. It also tells you how you can protect yourself and your property against bad weather conditions in advance. Forewarned is forearmed.

When a storm is forecast

Protecting your home and car when a storm is forecast.