When freezing weather is forecast

Prevention tips

When freezing weather is forecast

Prevention tips

Prevent frost damage with the help of our tips

  • Drain any water from exterior pipes or install frost-free outside taps
  • Never turn off the central heating completely when you’re not at home
  • Never turn thermostatic valves on radiators to below their frost-protection setting (a snowflake symbol)
  • Insulate taps, valves and pipes in unheated areas (such as the cellar, attic or garage) and check the insulation every year
  • Never attempt to thaw frozen pipes with a naked flame. Use hot air (hair drier), hot rags or hot water instead. If that doesn’t help, call a plumber
  • Know where the main water valve is located, so that you can turn it off if there is ever a leak
  • Never air your home for more than 20 minutes, otherwise it will cool off too much
  • Leave room doors open to allow warm air to circulate

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Have damage to your home and want to file a claim? Tell Kate: ‘I want to file a claim’. You can find Kate, your digital assistant, in the top-right corner of KBC Brussels Mobile.

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1. File your claim using KBC Brussels Mobile or KBC Brussels Touch

KBC Brussels Mobile

Log in to KBC Brussels Mobile
2. Tap ‘My KBC’ at the bottom of your screen
3. Scroll down to ‘Insurance’
4. Tap the insurance under which you want to claim
5. Tap ‘File insurance claims and we will help you’
6. File a new claim

KBC Brussels Touch

Log in to KBC Brussels Touch
2. Tap or click ‘Contact’
3. Select ‘File and follow up on your claim’