Veilig internetten
Veilig internetten

Using the Internet securely

Protect yourself against fraud and viruses on the Internet.

Using the Internet securely

Protect yourself against fraud and viruses on the Internet.

Life without the Internet: almost unthinkable, right? It lets you shop, book holidays, communicate, bank and much more besides with ease in no time.

Staying alert, safe and secure while browsing online is a must for avoiding potential problems. We advise you to shop in online stores based in Belgium or its neighbouring countries. That makes it easier to resolve any disputes that might arise. You should also preferably check whether other users recommend an online store before using it.

Unfortunately, no matter how cautious you are, things can still go wrong. Dubious sellers, identity thieves, hackers, cyberbullies and other malicious types tirelessly target us on our online travels to try and scam us. With the right protection, you can still go about your business online without the worry of these potential threats.

We can help you:
• Protect yourself and your family from the consequences of online fraud and cyberbullying
• Secure your devices against viruses and unsafe websites with the latest software
• Get more technical support from our helpdesk teams

Protect you against Internet fraud and cyber bullying

Did you know that 10% of Belgian Internet users have suffered financial losses due to cyber crime (Eurostat figures for 2015)?

Criminals are using the Internet more and more. Secure systems and vigilance can reduce the risk that they pose. Even so, the risk of financial losses and damage to reputation will never go away.

Here are some examples taken from real life:

  • You receive an e-mail from the police asking you to pay an outstanding fine. Later it becomes clear that this e-mail came from a fraudster. Your money is gone.
  • You enter your personal details on a fake website. Criminals use these details to order charged services such as a phone subscription online.
  • Someone shares your private photos or medical information on social media.

The right insurance policy can help you if you have been a victim of a cyber attack. 

Protection against viruses and malware

Did you know that 20% of Belgian Internet users have been affected by a virus (Eurostat figures for 2015)?

The KBC Brussels Antivirus Software Package offers a package of measures that protect your devices and online activities against cyber crime scams and other online threats.
Our service includes:

  • Security software to protect your devices
    • Antivirus software that immediately neutralises known viruses.
  • Our help desk support
    • Do you need any help installing the software or removing a virus? Contact our Secure4u help desk.
    • Have you received a suspicious e-mail?
      Suspicious e-mails often mention a (security) problem that urgently requires your attention, which involves clicking on a link or attachment.
      Please forward all suspicious e-mails to our Secure4u help desk, and we will check whether it is secure.

Some tips to keep things secure:

  • Choose secure passwords.
    Use a combination of digits and letters in uppercase and lowercase.
    "123456” is still the most popular password. Passwords like this make things almost too easy for cyber criminals.
  • Watch out for suspicious behaviour.
    Always be vigilant for if something out of the ordinary happens.
  • Make your social media profiles (Instagram, Facebook, etc.) as secure as possible. Restrict who can read specific information under the privacy settings.

What to do if you incur loss

Contact our Secure4u helpdesk:
016 43 20 00  (+32 16 43 20 00 from abroad). The helpdesk is open 24/7.

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