What is smishing?

Smishing is a phishing by use of a scam text message.
Such a message is going around, telling you that you must replace your KBC Brussels bank card for the switch from KBC Brussels-Online to KBC Brussels Touch. The criminals tell you to send your card in for recycling and that you'll be sent a new one in five days.

We will never ask you for your card's PIN!
And we'll never ask you to send us your card!

How do criminals operate?

The text message contains a link that tricks you into going to a fake website telling you to: 

1. Enter your personal details and card number

2. Provide your current PIN and select a new one


3. Send off your present card by post

Once they have their hands on your card and PIN, they can steal from you by using your card to pay for things in shops and making cash withdrawals at ATMs.

How can you protect yourself against smishing?

  • Question every text message that you receive.
  • Never send anyone your bank card in the post
  • Never tell anyone your PIN – it's strictly personal to you
  • Check the website address in your browser's address bar to make sure you're on a secure website like ours that starts with https:// (‘s’ stands for ‘secure’) and that all or part of the address bar is coloured green (it'll be this colour if you're using a newer browser)  

Our Cybersecurity Service includes virus and phishing protection software that protects your devices and your online activities from attack by cybercriminals.
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Report internet fraud

Report internet fraud


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