Share your banking details safely

Share your banking details safely

Growing openness and innovation in the financial world means you can now authorise third parties to show you certain types of KBC Brussels account balances and information accessible online. You can also allow third parties to initiate payments from your KBC Brussels accounts.
There are a number of benefits for you, including the ability to check your account balance while shopping online or pay energy bills right from your service provider’s app.
We expect an increase in requests to access and display your account information.
Be very careful who you give access to, what details they can get, why they want them, and how and where you make them available. It may be criminals at work.


Know the signs of untrustworthy access

  • Apps from outside the official appstores
  • Unclear reasons for you allowing access to your details
  • No contact details like an address, phone number or e-mail address given on a website
  • Little or no information online for those wanting you to allow access when you search for them
  • Limited reviews available for whoever isasking you for access and/or their app

How do you give data access to third parties?

Third parties decide how you allow them to offer you account information or payment initiation services. Check thoroughly what you’re authorising. Will they be able to access your account balance only, see your current and/or savings account details, make payments or do more besides? Be very sure before you consent to it.

How do third parties access your account?

Third parties will ask you to log in with them and sign for things securely in a familiar way (like using a PIN or with a payment card combined with a card reader). Be careful when entering your personal security credentials. Malicious third parties may try to steal and misuse them. Regularly check your account transactions.

If you suspect fraudsters have gained unwanted access to your banking details, e-mail us right away with as much information on them as possible (including who they are/appear to be, what they’re offering and how they approached you) to or call us on 0800 65 65 0.


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