Expat registration

Space reserved for professionals and intermediaries dealing with expats

Expat registration

Space reserved for professionals and intermediaries dealing with expats

This page is intended for professionals and intermediaries acting on behalf of expats.If you’d like to open an expat account at KBC Brussels in your own name without using an intermediary, click here.

Three simple steps

Step 1. Collect the information needed for digital registration

Before you begin, make sure you have the following documents in digital format (clear photograph or scan)

  1. Clear copy of both sides of the identity card or a copy of the passport
  2. Copy of the employment contract in Belgium or an employer’s certificate
  3. Official proof of residence (utility bill, for example) pending a Belgian address
  4. Copy of a tenancy contract in Belgium if already applicable
  5. If the candidate expat comes from a country outside the EU, you need to include the necessary legal documents as well (work permit Annex 46 and Visa).

    You also need the candidate expat’s Tax Identification Number (TIN), which should be entered in the form below (more information is available here).

Step 2. Complete the registration form below

Step 3. Send an e-mail with the supporting documents attached

When you have completed all the fields in the form below and have clicked on ‘Send’, you will be redirected to a page that will allow you to send a pre-filled e-mail.

An expat specialist at KBC Brussels will then contact you as soon as possible to complete your application and confirm that everything is in order. If so, your candidate expat can pick up their bankcards at their KBC branch as soon as they arrive in Belgium!

Registration form: expat details

Enter your expat intermediary identifier

Have you forgotten your identifier or no longer have it? Send an e-mail with your contact details to expat@kbcbrussels.be with ‘Identifier’ as the message subject.

Details of the candidate expat

Enter a district or municipality to choose the nearest branch.
Prominent public position or a member of the army general staff, including family members in the first degree or partners at a legal entity of which the candidate expat is a director/beneficiary (this information is needed for security reasons).

All the fields marked * are mandatory

NB: This form is intended for the sole use of professionals and intermediaries who support expats in their relocation to Brussels and who already have a commercial relationship with KBC Brussels.
It only entails the preparation of the candidate expat’s application and is intended solely to facilitate their registration.
By completing this form, you confirm that you have the right to act on behalf of your client or expat employee and consent to the use of the provided information for the sole purpose of registering a candidate expat as a future client of KBC Brussels.
For any other matter relating to the respect of your privacy and the use of your personal data, please consult our Privacy Statement.

Do you need to register several expats?

If you want to register another expat, click on the link enabling you to return to this page after you have sent your e-mail.

If you have more than three expats to register, please use the telephone appointment system below and we will call you back at your convenience to help you:

Call me

Any other questions?

Ask one of our expat specialists at KBC Brussels Live!