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    That’s a no-brainer!

  2. Pick your favourite skin 
    Put on your happy zombie, smiley hart or another skin to suit your mood. The choice is yours!

  3. Enter your name or nickname  
    Got a nutty nickname or just as happy to use your real name? Tell K’Ching what to call you. 

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Why create a profile?

Because it gives you nothing but benefits! A profile lets you do things like send fun cards to your friends (K’ards) or find student jobs. It also allows you to enter competitions and win fab prizes.

Want access to even more features?

Your wish is our command! Got a KBC, KBC Brussels or CBC account? Link it to your K’Ching profile so you can transfer money, pay online and withdraw cash without needing your debit card. Oh yeah!

Want to update your profile?

New mobile number? Time for a new nickname? Forget that your birthday’s in January, not September? You’re only human! Update your details with ease in your settings.