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Take the bus or tram with K’Ching

Need a bus or tram ticket to take a day trip, visit someone or go shopping?

Fire up K’Ching and buy your tickets in no time using ‘More cool stuff’!

Forget other apps or separate user accounts. Just buy your ticket with K’Ching before boarding. It has your ticket for you within a few minutes to show to the driver. How cool is that!?

How does it work?

  1. Open K’Ching and go to ‘Discover’
    Tap ‘More cool stuff’.

  2. Select ‘De Lijn’ and pick your ticket
    Go for a single fare (m-ticket) or a ten-journey card (m-card10).

  3. Hit ‘Buy ticket’
    Done! Show the ticket on your phone to the bus or tram driver.
Get K’Ching to buy bus and tram tickets

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