Customised offers from our partners

As you know, we’ll provide you with personalised information if you’ve opted to receive it.

If you also use KBC Brussels Mobile's additional services, we will now provide you with offers that take even more account of your situation, thanks to your data being processed for those services.


We work with a number of companies operating in the energy field. They provide certain services, such as compiling comprehensive renovation reports, or they work with contractors who carry out insulation work or install solar panels. We’ve entered these partnerships to provide you with as much support as possible. Some of these partners make your data available to KBC Brussels, which enables us to tailor our offers even better to your personal situation. Check out the following list to see the partners in question:


Setle guides you through your renovation work, focusing on transparency and sustainability. The app calculates your renovation costs based on market prices and your personal preferences, and it also gives you an idea of the effect of those works on the EPC label. You can then start out on your renovation journey well-informed and worry-free.


iChoosr organises group energy buying schemes using auctions. This ensures you get a quality offer at a competitive price, with iChoosr doing all the legwork for you. If you agree to the winning supplier's proposal, iChoosr does the rest for you.

Impact us today

'Impact us today' has a network of contractors you can rely on to carry out sustainable renovations. If you get your home renovated by one of these contractors, they will also make sure you can easily track the progress of the works from start to finish.