Pay on your phone without a card and card reader with KBC Brussels Mobile


Pay on your phone without a card and card reader with KBC Brussels Mobile

Shop online with ease

Pay fast with your phone in online stores.

Pay conveniently in shops

Leave your debit card and cash at home.

Split bills with friends the easy way

Get paid back by QR code or payment request on social media.

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What is MobilePay?

MobilePay is our KBC Brussels Mobile app’s handy feature that lets you pay or get paid on your phone without a card and card reader.

What can you do with MobilePay?

Online shoppen met MobilePay

1. Split bills with friends the easy way

Love heading out with friends? Use MobilePay to work out who owes what and share the bill.

Ask your friends to repay you by Facebook, WhatsApp, e-mail or text message or get them to quickly pay you back by QR code.

2. Pay in shops by scanning a QR code

MobilePay recognises several types of QR code for making payments. Simply scan a Payconiq, Bancontact, KBC Brussels or other available QR code to pay.

3. Shop online

Avid online shopper? Pay in a snap with MobilePay. Simply select KBC Brussels as your way to pay, scan a QR code with your phone and you’re done.

4. Repay friends

Get repaid quickly yourself using one of these options:

  • Generate a QR code
  • Ask to be repaid by text, WhatsApp or Messenger message and several other ways

Pay someone back fast several ways:

  • Find them in your contacts and repay them by Payconiq in our KBC Brussels Mobile app
  • Accept their payment request
  • Scan their QR code

It’s easy to sign up to use our Mobile app’s Payconiq feature. See how it works.

Get MobilePay in KBC Brussels Mobile

How it works

Get paid

Open KBC Brussels Mobile then ‘MobilePay’
Tap ‘Receive payment’ and opt to get paid by one or more people
Select your account, enter the amount and add a message
Send a payment request or generate a QR code

Pay from your contacts

Log in to KBC Brussels Mobile and tap the blue circle
Tap ‘Pay contacts by Payconiq’ and choose who you want to pay from your contacts using Payconiq
Enter the amount and tap ‘Confirm’ to pay by Payconiq

Repay a friend

Open KBC Brussels Mobile then ‘MobilePay’
Tap ‘Make payments’
Scan your friend’s QR code

Shop online

Select KBC Brussels when you go to pay
Browsing on your phone? Open KBC Brussels Mobile to pay for what you’re buying
Browsing on your computer? Open KBC Brussels Mobile, tap ‘MobilePay’ and scan the QR code to pay

Pay in shops

Open KBC Brussels Mobile then ‘MobilePay’
Tap ‘Make payments’
Scan a QR code at the till to pay

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Frequently asked questions

How do I pay by contactless using the KBC Brussels Mobile app on my phone?

  1. Enable contactless payments using KBC Brussels Mobile where you manage your debit card settings. Pay by contactless on your phone as long as our app stays on it.
  2. Hold your phone against a contactless payment terminal. For amounts of up to 50 euros, your phone only needs to be on. There’s no need to even unlock it or open our app.
  3. Get payment confirmation from the terminal.
    You’ll sometimes still have to enter your KBC Brussels Mobile app PIN to spend over 50 euros, make five consecutive payments of under 50 euros or authorise payments bringing you over a total of 100 euros spent on smaller transactions. Once you’ve entered your PIN, you’ll need to hold your phone against the terminal again.

When is my PIN required when paying contactless?

You need to enter your PIN for payments over 50 euros. In multi-storey car parks (and similar parking structures), the threshold is 50 euros. Outside Belgium, lower thresholds may apply.

Consecutive purchases can be made without entering your PIN until they reach 150 euros. When you reach that threshold you're asked to insert your payment card into the payment terminal and key in your PIN as a security check to prove the card is indeed yours.

For instance:

  • You're buying some odds and ends in the supermarket and the price comes to 50 euros. You pay contactless without entering your PIN
  • Next door, you see a scarf, which you snap up for 49 euros. You pay contactless without entering your PIN
  • Next day, you purchase tickets for the movies costing 46 euros. You pay contactless
  • The next time you want to pay contactless, you'll have to enter your PIN because your total consecutive contactless payments now exceed 150 euros

Can I opt to switch off the 'contactless payments' function?

You can opt to switch the contactless function off and back on again in KBC Brussels Touch, KBC Brussels Mobile and KBC Brussels Business Dashboard.