Transfer money

Learn how to transfer funds to other beneficiaries using KBC Brussels Mobile. Click the Start Demo button to begin the demo.​
  1. Tap the blue icon with the two arrows at the bottom right of your screen.​

  2. Tap the second icon on the list. It's the blue icon next to ‘Transfer funds to other accounts’.​

  3. Tap the white icon next to ‘Beneficiary’ at the top right of your screen.​

  4. To add a beneficiary, you can enter the beneficiary name by typing it in. Alternatively, you can also select the beneficiary search icon to access a list of saved beneficiaries. In this demo, we will follow the latter approach.​

  5. Tap ‘Amount’ on the left middle of your screen.​

  6. Tap ‘Reference’ to the left half way down your screen.​

  7. At the top left of the number pad is a toggle switch. You can toggle left or right by tapping it.​

  8. You can choose to add either a free-format or standard-format reference depending on the type of beneficiary.​

  9. Tap the blue ‘Continue’ button at the bottom of your screen.​

  10. You can also include an e-card with your transfer by selecting the SurprisePay someone toggle. For this demo, we will continue without including an e-card.​

  11. Tap the blue ‘Sign’ button at the bottom of your screen.

  12. After tapping ‘Sign’, enter your five-digit PIN and then tap ‘OK’.​

  13. Tap the green ‘OK’ button in the bottom right corner.​

  14. A green bar appears at the top of your screen saying ‘Your transfer was successful’. You can tap it, but the bar disappears automatically after a few seconds.​

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Note: We are showing you screens from KBC Mobile. You can follow these steps in KBC Brussels Mobile and CBC Mobile in the same way. The screens on an Android device may vary slightly from this iPhone demo.