Activate contactless payments on your debit card​

This demo shows you how to use KBC Brussels Mobile to activate contactless payments on your debit card. Click the Start Demo button to begin the demo.​
  1. Tap ‘My KBC Brussels’ at the bottom of your screen​.

  2. Scroll to ‘Means of payment’ and select the debit card you want to activate for contactless payments.​

  3. Go to ‘Means of payment’ and tap the second white tile in the middle of your screen.

  4. Scroll to ‘Settings’ and select the Pay contactless toggle button.​

  5. Tap the toggle button next to ‘Pay contactless’ half way down your screen.

  6. After activating the Pay contactless function, confirm it by entering your PIN.​​

  7. Tap the green ‘OK’ button in the bottom right corner.​

  8. A green bar appears at the top of your screen confirming your action. You can tap the ‘X’ at the right-hand side to close the bar, but it disappears automatically anyway after a few seconds.​

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Note: We are showing you screens from KBC Mobile. You can follow these steps in KBC Brussels Mobile and CBC Mobile in the same way. The screens on an Android device may vary slightly from this iPhone demo.