Switch from Visa to Mastercard

Discover the benefits of our revamped credit card

Switch from Visa to Mastercard

Discover the benefits of our revamped credit card

Need a credit card?

We have replaced our Visa card with the Mastercard credit card to ensure you can pay even more easily worldwide.

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All the same benefits with Mastercard

Our Visa cards have been replaced by Mastercard-branded credit cards

Extra protection for what you buy on your card

Things you buy on your card are covered for 90 days after purchase for theft and damage. And the statutory warranty period is also extended for a further two years.

Convenient contactless payments

Our Mastercard-branded credit cards are equipped with contactless payment technology. That makes paying fast and convenient!

Book hotels or rental cars the easy way

When going on holiday, make life easier for yourself and use your credit card to book hotel rooms or a rental car.

Choose how soon you want to repay

Thanks to the KBC Brussels Flex Budget, you can choose the time you want to take to pay off your balance, just like you did with your Visa Silver card. Like to pay off your balance over several months or prefer to repay the amount you owe in one go? The choice is yours! 

Make secure payments worldwide

Regardless of where you are, payment is always safe because it is made through the Mastercard network. Mastercard is accepted in 210 countries, just like Visa. See where you can pay with your card in the map below.

Countries where Mastercard and Visa are accepted

FAQs about the old Visa card

We are trying to simplify our offering as much as possible and, therefore, decided to work exclusively with Mastercard. As we no longer work with Visa, all KBC Brussels credit cards now carry the Mastercard logo.

Yes, it is. Your purchases will continue to be covered by the insurance that is linked to your new credit card.

See the countries where you can pay with Mastercard

More info

The KBC Brussels Silver Credit Card is a credit card issued by: KBC Bank NV, with registered office at Havenlaan 2, 1080 Brussels, Belgium, VAT BE 0462.920.226, RLP Brussels, FSMA 026256 A.

KBC Brussels Flex Budget is an open-ended credit facility linked to the KBC Brussels Silver Credit Card, KBC Brussels Gold Credit Card or KBC Brussels Platinum Credit Card and used as an additional means for drawing credit.

Lender and credit card issuer: KBC Bank NV. Subject to your card or credit application being approved by KBC Bank NV.

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