Paying in Brussels

Your money in safe hands

Paying in Brussels

Your money in safe hands

Collect, manage and spend money in your own way. At KBC Brussels you create your own package to suit your personal payment habits and lifestyle.

Always straightforward

You probably never stopped to think about it, but you spend money in many different ways. From cash to credit card, from a trendy payment app to a payment card: KBC Brussels matches the options to your lifestyle and ensures that wherever you pay it works simply and rapidly.


There are a whole range of payment solutions available for both your private life and your professional payment systems. For example, are you familiar with prepaid credit cards? You use them just like any other kind of credit card, but you load up the money in advance. This kind of prepaid card offers you plenty of freedom, including when you are abroad, while keeping total control of your budget.

Of course, you can also come to us for a normal credit card like Visa or Mastercard.

Digital all the way

Paying online is also quick and painless thanks to the latest technologies. KBC Brussels is digital all the way with solutions like KBC Touch or the practical KBC Mobile Banking app.

Business owner or professional? Just drop by for more info about how to settle your payments and manage your disposable cash. We would love to make your life easier thanks to the many payment options we can provide.

You would like to manage your money with a lighter touch? Then contact us for tips and advice. 

Jean and Ria are enjoying their retirement

"Good planning pays off not just for us, but also for the next generation."

Elena is a mother of two

"Our lives don't stop at the border - nor does the service provided by KBC Brussels."

Marta is an expat in Brussels

"We received all the support we needed to get ourselves set up here."

Christophe thinks ahead

"The fact that we have security for the future allows us to enjoy the present a lot more."
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