New-style branch on the Sablon

KBC Brussels is putting its clients at the heart of a new concept

New-style branch on the Sablon

KBC Brussels is putting its clients at the heart of a new concept

With the launch of its brand-new branch concept on the Sablon, KBC Brussels is taking the principle of personalisation a step further. We’ve done everything we can to receive you in even better surroundings and to offer you precisely the services you need. With an artistic touch worthy of the district, the KBC Brussels Sablon branch is half-way between a bank and a high-tech art gallery.

Personalised reception and zones

From the moment you walk through the door, the focus is on a personalised reception that directs you to the right service and team member. Arranging a mortgage, getting advice on investment or saving, dealing with the demands of your business activities, taking your first steps in Brussels as an expat: there’s an appropriate meeting space for all these situations and more besides: open-plan or private, welcoming but also equipped with customised digital systems.

Human and connected


The digitisation of the banking sector is ongoing and we’re doing our utmost at KBC Brussels to bring you leading-edge technological solutions. That means less paperwork, greater interactivity thanks to digital tools, speedy access to the information you need in a fully connected space, where you can work on your own or with the help of a team member. It’s all been carefully thought through and fine-tuned at the Sablon branch. And there’s still a privileged place for human contact: because no machine can replace an expert’s advice or common sense.

Quartier des Arts


The branch is truly integrated in the historic Sablon district – its style and decoration have been designed in keeping with the soul of the area. Aside from the sustainability of the equipment and furniture, there is an artistic touch worthy of the Sablon, with its antique and art dealers. Private offices as well as a friendly open-plan zone, where you can get a coffee and use our wi-fi, show how hard we’ve worked to offer you a positive and productive experience. Up to and including the little art gallery at the back of the branch. You’ll never be in any doubt that you’re in the Sablon!

An integrated team too


The KBC Brussels approach is as unique as the city itself Our daily challenge is to become the financial partner of everyone who lives and works in Brussels, people who are the capital’s heartbeat. The Sablon branch is more than ready to accept that challenge, while fully integrating itself in local life. The way it offers you an expertise worthy of the special character of Brussels makes it unique as well. If you still need persuading, just step through our brand-new door!