My child's own account

Five good reasons for having one

My child's own account

Five good reasons for having one

Starting secondary school, a birthday or a confirmation are just a few key moments when it becomes clear that your children's search for independence is gaining pace. At KBC Brussels, we can help on the financial side, because with a young person's account youngsters are able to take their first steps in routine banking. Steps that you can keep a close parental eye on.

1. Free of charge for young people

zichtrekening voor je kind en mobiel bankieren met k'ching

Under 25s do not have to pay a thing for the KBC Brussels Plus Account. You can open this current account for your child from the age of 10, after which they can enjoy lots of benefits for free:

  • 'Anytime, anywhere' capability to check bank balances or transfer money using their smartphone and K'Ching
  • Cash withdrawals at ATMs, including cardless withdrawals using the KBC MobileCash app
  • Free replacement card if the bank card is lost or stolen

2. You keep a parental eye on things

  • As the parent, you remain the legal representative of your minor child and have the ability to use KBC Brussels Touch or KBC Brussels Mobile to keep an eye on things
  • Your child learns to handle their own finances independently as you simply pay the pocket money into their account (you choose the amount)

3. Safer than cash

Should your child lose their bank card, it is very unlikely that they will lose the money on their account too. That is just one of the great benefits of having an account instead of cash. And if they still need cash, they can withdraw it themselves free of charge at any bank in Belgium and Europe.

4. Mobile banking with K'Ching

With the launch of K'Ching, KBC Brussels was the first bank in Belgium and Europe to develop a free smartphone app specially for young people. The app is user-friendly and tailored to their needs. It only lets your child access the essentials, allowing them to:

  • Check account balances
  • Transfer money
  • Withdraw money using MobileCash
  • Pay in shops or pay money back to friends with MobilePay
  • Enter fun competitions


5. Opened in a few clicks in KBC Brussels Touch

5. Opened in a few clicks in KBC Brussels Touch

5. An account in a few clicks on PC or tablet

Attention, borrowing money also costs money

Pimp your K'Ching app

Want to change your theme, add friends and check balances on your smartphone without logging in to K'Ching?

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Checking your balance without logging in to K'Ching

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Young person's account

Under 25? Want a current account with lots of free benefits? Open a KBC Brussels Plus Account online now!
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