Advance in Current Account

  • A simple solution to cater for changing working capital needs
  • Payment deferral for your customers
  • Digital management

Investment Credit

With the KBC Brussels Investment Credit, you – as self-employed – can borrow money for large purchases (including real estate or a company car). Run a simulation and see your rate.

Agroflex Credit

The agroflex credit facility is ideal for financing the purchase of farming or horticultural equipment or property. It's tailored to the needs of your business.

Line of Business Credit with Straight Loans

  • Flexible use of your straight loan
  • Certainty about the interest to be paid
  • Full online management

Financial Leasing/Renting without Services

At KBC, you can lease or rent a company car. We provide the finance without any additional commitments.

Full Service Car Leasing

KBC Full Service Car Leasing enables you to finance your company car, while also covering repairs, maintenance, tyres, insurance, breakdown assistance, replacement vehicle, etc.

Business Budget Facility

  • Extra financial breathing space
  • Interest is tax-deductible
  • Apply for your cash reserve online now

Cash budget credit facility

Staff holiday pay and year-end bonuses straining your cash flow? Keep your advance in current account free and spread your costs with a KBC Brussels Cash Budget Credit.

Roll-Over Line of Credit

If you're planning commercial investments, such as taking over a business, you may wish to consider a KBC Roll-Over Line of Credit. And finance your investment in assets in the medium or long term.

Ideal financing for energy-saving renovations to multi-owned buildings

Do you own a unit in or are you the building manager of a multi-owned building? Discover our financing solution for energy-saving renovations.

Comparing credit for company cars

To find out which type of credit for company cars is best suited to your needs, check our handy comparison table to find out the differences between renting, leasing and investment credit.

Compare types of credit for business facilities

KBC can finance the equipment for your business in four ways. Find out which credit suits your plans.

Tax pre-payment plan

  • Never forget to pre-pay your taxes again
  • Tax-deductible
  • Take out your plan online

What types of credit can I use to finance my working capital?

You can channel additional funding into your commercial activities using straight loans, an advance in current account or the Business Budget Facility. Compare the different options in detail.

What types of credit can I use to buy real estate?

There are various funding solutions if you decide to build or buy a property in the name of your business. See our wide range of solutions.

Finance lease

It’s easy to have KBC Brussels finance your car via leasing. Find out all there is to know.
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