KBC Brussels Online for Business rates and charges

KBC Brussels Online for Business rates and charges

Access to KBC Brussels Online for Business

The rates and charges applying to KBC Brussels Online for Business vary depending on the type of account. Be sure to check them out in this handy overview.

  KBC Brussels Business PRO
Annual charge per user (excl. VAT)

Free of charge for first user

Each additional user: € 10

What's included

A card or app for logging in

Logging in to the KBC Brussels Business Dashboard ensures you can do your banking with complete security in KBC Brussels Online for Business.

You can log in using KBC Brussels Sign for Business (both methods are included in the annual charge).

Facility to make and manage payments
  • SEPA Credit Transfers
  • International transfers
  • Managing beneficiaries
  • Monitoring and managing SEPA Direct Debits
  • Monitoring and managing standing orders
  • Worksheet
Facility to view account information
  • Check account information and create reports going back 10 years
  • Create account statements
Facility to apply for and draw down loans
  • Loan and credit facility overview
  • Drawing down straight loans and investment credit
  • Requesting a tax pre-payment plan
Facility to view insurance details

Viewing non-life insurance and group insurance scheme details (including option plans).

Facility to manage powers of attorney

Managing powers of attorney and subscriptions.

Facility to check exchange rates

Services entailing an extra charge

Payments and reports (monthly charge per user (excl. VAT))

  KBC Brussels Business PRO

Adding a signature
(free via Isabel)

€ 0,99 

Extended workspace with more than 40 transactions € 2
Multi-user workspace (add signature + extended workspace + all user transactions) € 2
Making transfers from your KBC Brussels accounts abroad
(free via Isabel)
€ 5

payment files
€ 5
Sending files with direct debit and bill of exchange details
€ 5
Importing files into accounting or ERP software suites (CODASWIFT and CAMT files) € 8

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