What makes CODA so attractive?


What makes CODA so attractive?


What makes CODA so attractive

Gaining extra time to spend on the core of your business is what makes CODA so attractive. At the end of every banking day, we deliver CODA files via channels including KBC Brussels Online for Business or KBC Brussels@Isabel, fully automatically.

You can upload the files into your accounting, treasury or ERP software with ease, allowing you to monitor your income and expenditure automatically. 

If you’d like to go fully automated, you can now link KBC Brussels Touch or the KBC Brussels Business Dashboard to Codabox and have your account statements sent automatically to your accountant or accounting firm.
Codabox has been active on the Belgian market for several years now, working exclusively with accountants and accounting firms. After requesting the CODA files at the various banks, Codabox uploads and distributes the files to accountants and accounting firms on a daily basis. This means customers like you no longer have to worry about submitting them manually.

What can you find in a CODA file?

It is essentially an encrypted version of paper account statements, with the only difference being that it provides you with more detailed information. 

Made to measure? No problem. We can group certain transactions by value date for you so you just receive the totals for each value date. And you still have the option of receiving individual transactions in a separate file. The choice is yours.

Besides CODA, you can also use Codabox to send your billing statements for KBC Brussels Business Credit Cards and KBC Brussels Business Prepaid Cards. KBC Brussels does not make any additional charges for this service.

The billing statements are then sent monthly after being finalised.

You can link your business accounts via the KBC Brussels Business Dashboard or KBC Brussels Touch.
Because this link is created at account level, all business credit cards and business prepaid cards linked to this account are included.

As with CODA, KBC Brussels Swift delivers the files to Codabox in XML format.

Security is key

We only make the files available through our secure online banking packages, giving you an extra layer of security.

Good for you, and the environment

No more account statements piled up in boxes. Everything is kept securely online, without taking up as much space. Mother Nature will thank you too.

Compatible with SEPA

Since the arrival of SEPA, there have been a lot of changes to reporting. But don't worry – our CODA version is compatible with SEPA.

Conditions, rates and charges

We charge for delivery of CODA files on a quarterly basis. Please ask your branch for more detailed information.

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