Daily insight into your accounts


Daily insight into your accounts

What makes SWIFT so attractive?

As an international organisation, SWIFT takes care of the reporting communication. Every day, you receive details of your foreign and Belgian accounts. You receive the SWIFT files via KBC Brussels Online for Business and Isabel. What's more, the files are easy to upload to your ERP, treasury or accounting software.

Compatible with SEPA

The introduction of the Single European Payments Area has greatly simplified international payments. SWIFT is compatible with SEPA standards.

When do you receive the updates?

This can be done in three ways:

  • Report at the end of the day

  • Updates throughout the day containing only the balance

  • Updates throughout the day containing only transactions

Even more benefits

  • No more manual monitoring of income and expenditure

  • It replaces paper account statements and reduces your carbon footprint

  • It's highly secure

  • You can convert your SWIFT files to CODA

Additional information

The KBC Brussels eReporting+ package allows you to read SWIFT files clearly and concisely. You can also export the files easily to reports or to Excel.

Conditions, rates and charges


We charge for the delivery of SWIFT reports on a quarterly basis. Please ask your KBC Brussels Bank branch for more detailed information.


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