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What is Go&Deal?

If your business often has to work with foreign currencies, it's definitely worth checking out our online application, Go&Deal.

You can carry out transactions on the international currency markets in just a couple of clicks, buying or selling foreign currencies in real time at sharp rates. After completing a simple login procedure and then requesting a quote, you will quickly receive one which you can either accept or refuse.


  • You have the most recent rates at all times

  • You can log in securely

  • You carry out transactions at the click of a mouse

  • You are free to decide when your account is credited/debited

  • You can use the application free of charge

  • You can carry out transactions around the clock, five days a week

The right place for any currency

Go&Deal handles more than 20 foreign currencies.

  • Spot transaction : you buy or sell foreign currencies for immediate settlement
  • Forward outright transaction: you carry out foreign-currency transactions for settlement at a future date
  • Swap: you temporarily exchange one currency for another
  • Limit orders enable you to place a market order to buy or sell foreign currencies.

Logging in

You can log in using:

  • Your security card (Isabel or KBC Brussels card)
  • the KBC Brussels Sign app on your smartphone 

If you don't have a KBC Brussels security card, however, just contact your relationship manager at KBC Brussels.

Is Go&Deal something for you?

If you're interested, contact your relationship manager at KBC Brussels or send an e-mail to esales@kbc.be.

To find out more about Go&Deal, call the Corporate Salesdesk or the eSalesdesk on 02 417 28 09. 

For more information about managing foreign exchange risks, check out the KBC Brussels website

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