Extensive online banking capability

KBC Brussels Business Dashboard

Extensive online banking capability

KBC Brussels Business Dashboard

All your business banking apps under one roof

KBC Business Dashboard is our new online banking portal for businesses, giving you immediate access to all the digital banking services you use with us.

Customise your KBC Brussels Business Dashboard

Prioritise your own set of widgets and give them pride of place on your dashboard. Remove or relocate other widgets to make your dashboard your own.

Secure and reliable

Logging in is now so easy and secure with our free KBC Brussels Sign app. It now even lets you sign transactions on your smartphone.

What is KBC Brussels Business Dashboard?

KBC Brussels Business Dashboard is our new portal that gives you access to all your business banking apps. With it, you can navigate in a single click to your favourite app functions. An added benefit is that you can personalise KBC Brussels Business Dashboard to suit your taste. That way, you organise your KBC Brussels Business Dashboard the way you want.

Your favourite app functions close to hand

Your familiar app functions will still be accessible in KBC Brussels Business Dashboard, so there's no need to worry. From the home screen, you can navigate easily to:

If you frequently use a certain function in KBC Brussels Online for Business or the Flexims app, you can easily add a quick link to the ‘My Favourites’ widget in your Business Dashboard, which will then allow you to go there in a single click.


Your KBC Brussels Business Dashboard home screen is constructed using handy ‘widgets’. By default, the home screen includes 'Accounts', 'Actions' or things you need to do, 'My favourites', 'Reports' and 'Messages'. You can move or delete a widget, which enables you to see all your banking business at a glance on the home screen.

The top menu bar shows and lets you use all the options from KBC Brussels Online for Business. Performing administrative tasks, such as managing your users and contracts or modifying authorisations, is also much easier in KBC Brussels Business Dashboard.

If you have questions or need assistance, KBC Brussels Business Dashboard lets you easily contact your branch or our helpdesk.

Secure and reliable at all times

As a businessperson, you have two secure methods to choose from when logging in and signing transactions in KBC Brussels Business Dashboard and the other business apps, each time using your card reader.

With your KBC Brussels e-Business Card

This method is only available if you use Windows. You can log in using your KBC Brussels e-Business Card and card reader.

With KBC Brussels Sign

This method is available if you use Mac and Windows. Using your smartphone, you can log in via KBC Brussels Sign and your card reader.

You can use your KBC Brussels e-Business Card and card reader to log in to various e-Government apps, so that you can fill in your VAT return electronically, for instance, or submit your financial statements via the National Bank's website.

Automatic access to KBC Brussels Business Dashboard

Business banking is now so much easier with KBC Brussels Business Dashboard, and the great thing is that you you don't have to do anything to benefit from it! If you already use KBC Brussels Online for Business, Flexims, Isabel or any of the other business banking apps, such as W1se, Go&Deal, Reach or eDocumentBox, you will be given automatic access to the Business Dashboard.

How? After clicking the ‘log in’ button in your login screen, you can automatically select the KBC Brussels Business Dashboard option. 

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