What bank cards are there for people running a business?

Debit, credit and fuel cards: choose the best-suited to your business.

KBC Brussels Mastercard Business Essential

    Worldwide payment convenience

    Simple to use

    Quick and easy online application process

VAB Fuel Card & VAB Hybrid Card

  • Get discounts when you fill up
  • Clear transaction summary
  • Online ability to apply

KBC Brussels Mastercard Business Extra

Pay quickly and securely online or in shops throughout the world. Manage the settings for your KBC Brussels Mastercard Business Extra yourself.

KBC Brussels Business Prepaid Card

The Business Prepaid Card has the properties of a credit card, but you load it in advance. It means you never go into the red, but still enjoy the benefits of a credit card.

KBC Brussels Debit Card

  • Pay with ease anywhere
  • Pay by contactless
  • Efficiently manage things online

Using your business credit card

Considering using your business credit card abroad? Wondering how to change your PIN? Have other questions? Find out all about using your KBC business credit card.