What are the cards for people running a business?

Debit, credit, fuel: a card for every need

What are the cards for people running a business?

Debit, credit, fuel: a card for every need

KBC Brussels bank card

Make all your payments and withdraw cash in Belgium and Europe.

Credit cards

Accepted across the world and online. Choose the card that best suits the needs of your business.

Fuel card

Discounts in more than 1 200 filling stations in Belgium and detailed statements for your accounts.

As a business operator, you have to deal with banking matters on a daily basis. Of course, you need to have a debit or credit card to pay for your business purchases fast. Or to manage your cash stockpiles or your accounts. But what debit and credit cards are available to people who run businesses? Which card should you use? Take a look at our overview.

KBC Brussels bank card

First of all, there is the classic professional debit card: the %%bank£%% bank card. With it, you can withdraw cash whenever you want and easily make business payments, in full security. If you want to deposit funds at a KBC group ATM, nothing could be simpler: do it anytime, 24/7.

Ordering it online? Yes you can! In Touch, Mobile or Business Dashboard.

KBC Mastercard Business and Essential

The KBC Brussels Mastercard Business Extra is the ideal card for making and managing business payments worldwide. It gives you a reserve of 5 000 euros, which can be further adjusted to meet your precise needs. It allows you to make payments and withdraw cash across the globe. 

Do you prefer a more simple credit card? KBC Mastercard Essential offers you the same flexibility everywhere in the world.

You can pay online with your KBC Brussels Mastercard Business Extra by entering your card details or by using the KBC Brussels Card Reader. The card reader is required whenever the website features the 'Mastercard Secure Code' logo.

Make contactless payments by simply holding your card against the payment terminal and then see whether payment went through on the screen. 

Finally, Mastercard Essential and Business credit cards allow you to manage your staff's expenses efficiently and completely digitally (dematerialized statements) via the Business Dashboard.

IMPORTANT: The KBC Business Visa Card is no longer being sold as of 20 June 2017. If you already have the card, you can go on using it as normal. The same terms and conditions continue to apply. Further questions? Please feel free to contact us.

Use Touch, Mobile or the Business Dashboard to submit your digital application for a credit card

Apply for your credit card online
Sign your application digitally
Receive the card by post if your application is approved

KBC Business Prepaid Card

Sometimes you want to keep very close tabs on your spending. In that case, the KBC Business Prepaid Card is ideal. The payment card works on a very easy system: you place funds on the card ahead of time, in any amount you want, which can then be used to make your payments. Spending by you or the staff member you give the card to is thus limited, to the amount available on the prepaid card. KBC Business Prepaid Card comes as well with the contactless payments technology.

VAB fuel card

If you use motor vehicles for business purposes,you should consider getting a VAB fuel card because paying for fuel has never been simpler: you receive an invoice listing the fill-ups using the card, so that you can then deduct your fuel charges and annual fees from your taxes


Doubt as to which debit or credit card is ideal for your business?
Take your time: compare the cards and assess your professional needs.

Further questions? Please feel free to contact us. We'll be glad to give you any additional information you need.