VAB Fuel Card & VAB Hybrid Card

VAB Fuel Card & VAB-Hybrid Card

15 euros or 60 euros
15 euros a year (VAB Fuel Card), 60 euros a year (Hybrid Card)
  • Discount of 5 cents per litre
  • Clear statement showing your fill-ups
  • Tax recovery
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Why choose the VAB Fuel Card?

Multi-Brand Fuel Card

The VAB Fuel Card gives you the double benefit of a tidy discount every time you fill up and a clear monthly statement showing all your fill-ups per vehicle or per fuel card within your company. You can also choose between the Multi-Brand Fuel Card and the Esso Fuel Card.

Esso Fuel Card

You can easily apply online for your VAB Fuel Card using KBC Brussels Mobile or KBC Brussels Touch.

Why choose the VAB Hybrid Card?

VAB-Hybrid Card

You can use the VAB Hybrid Card for refuelling and electric charging.

Whether you have a conventional vehicle requiring fuel, a plug-in hybrid or an electric model, this card means you can always go to a nearby petrol station or charging station, not just in Belgium, but across the whole of Europe.

You will soon have the added convenience of being able to apply for the VAB Hybrid Card online. Until then, you can always go to your KBC Brussels branch to obtain a card.

Esso Fuel Card
Multi-Brand Fuel Card
Hybrid Card


Petrol, diesel and electric charging Petrol and diesel Petrol, diesel and electric charging


5 cents per litre (excl. VAT) 5 cents per litre (excl. VAT) 5 cents per litre (excl. VAT) Uniform unit price/kWh/electric charging operator

For use in

Belgium Belgium and Europe Belgium and Europe

Invoice fee (electronic)

25 euros a year 25 euros a year 25 euros a year

Card fee

15 euros a year 15 euros a year 60 euros a year

More about these fuel cards

  • VAB Multi-Brand Fuel Card: discount of 5 cents per litre (excl. VAT)
  • VAB Esso Fuel Card: discount of 5 cents per litre (excl. VAT)
  • VAB Hybrid Card: discount of 5 cents per litre (excl. VAT)
  • Multi-Brand Fuel Card and Hybrid Card: valid at over 1 500 Belgian petrol stations operated by Esso, Q8, Texaco, Lukoil, Avia, Power, Gabriëls and Maes. You can also use this card at any station displaying the DKV logo (excluding Total) in the rest of Europe.
  • Hybrid Card: You can charge your vehicle at any Belgian or European charging station included in the VAB charging network
  • Esso Fuel Card: valid at 260 Esso petrol stations in Belgium
  • Invoicing
    - Paper: 45 euros a year
    - Electronic: 25 euros a year
  • Card fee
    - Multi-Brand Fuel Card and Esso Fuel Card: 15 euros a year
    - Hybrid Card: 60 euros a year
  • Charging: uniform unit price/kWh/operator within the VAB charging network*

* Charging prices – Charging prices per unit of consumption (€/kWh) applying to individual public or semi-public charging stations are charged at a uniform unit rate/kWh/operator within the VAB charging network. Any other fixed costs (such as €/min, start fee or parking fee) that may be applied by the individual charging operator – especially abroad or for fast charging – are charged at cost price.

Easily locate the nearest petrol station or charging station where you can use your VAB Fuel Card, Multi-Brand Fuel Card or Hybrid Card.

I’ve been using the VAB Multi-Brand Fuel Card with my company's cars for a good 20 years and in all that time I’ve never felt the need to use any other type of card. My contract is easily renewed each year and I get a handy monthly statement with details of all my refuelling transactions.

Karine Vandenplas, Lindra BV

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