You and your family

You and your family

IPS (Individual Pension Scheme)

  • Ideal for self-employed company owners
  • Tax efficient
  • Financial protection for your loved ones

VSPSS (Voluntary Supplementary Pension Scheme for the Self-Employed)

  • For all self-employed individuals
  • Guaranteed return
  • Tax relief

Social VSPSS

  • Tax relief
  • Guaranteed return
  • Protection in the event of incapacity for work, disability, and maternity leave

Guaranteed income for the self-employed

Financial protection for the self-employed (registered as a company or not) in the event of work disability.

Pension plans for independent medical professionals

  • Financed by National Institute for Health and Disability Insurance allowance
  • Guaranteed return
  • Protected by four types of solidarity cover

Accident Insurance (for family members)

Ever ask your son or daughter to give you a hand in the business? Or perhaps ask your spouse to take the post? If so, make sure that they too are covered against potential accidents.

Loan balance insurance for entrepreneurs

Loan balance insurance guarantees the repayment of all or part of the principal.

Hospitalisation insurance for you as an entrepreneur and your staff

Covers your hospitalisation expenses and those of your employees in the event of illness, an accident or childbirth. A popular fringe benefit.

Remission of debt insurance

Protect your family or company with life insurance linked to your business credit facility. The full debt is waived if you die.

Pension Agreement for the Self-employed (SPPA)

  • The tax-efficient way to build up a supplementary pension
  • Guaranteed return
  • Combine with a VSPSS


  • Linked to your personal home loan
  • Financial peace of mind for your loved ones
  • Saves on tax

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