Call 32 Business Account

Combination of a savings account and a term investment

Call 32 Business Account

Combination of a savings account and a term investment

What is the KBC Brussels Call32 Business Account?

The KBC Brussels Tall Oaks Savings Account combines a non-regulated savings account ('KBC Brussels Call32 Savings Account') with a term investment ('KBC Brussels Call32 Term Deposit'). It is ideal for structural cash surpluses which you can go without and which you can access after having given 32 days’ notice.

Main features

Flexible management of your cash surpluses

You can withdraw all or a portion of your balance at any time. However, all such withdrawals are subject to notice of 32 calendar days being given. When a withdrawal is initiated, a KBC Brussels Call32 Term Deposit with a fixed term of 32 calendar days is opened. When this time deposit matures, KBC Brussels will transfer the amount in question to the KBC Brussels account you specified.

No charges

Account-opening charges None
Management fee None
Account-closure charges None


Sparkonto KBC-Call32 0,00%
KBC Call 32 Time Deposit Account 0,00%

The interest rate on the KBC Brussels Call32 Business Account is equal to the interest rate applying to the relevant KBC Call 32 Savings Account on the date of the withdrawal. 

The rates shown are gross rates. Interest paid on the KBC Brussels Call32 Business Account is subject to Belgian withholding tax of (currently) 30% on the gross amount.


Your entire deposits with KBC Brussels Bank up to a maximum of 100,000 euros per person are guaranteed subject to certain conditions. In the event of the insolvency of KBC Brussels Bank (e.g., its bankruptcy), you run the risk of losing any deposits you have over 100,000 euros, or their amount could be reduced or converted into shares.

More information on the deposit-protection scheme is available in KBC Brussels’s 'Protection of deposits and financial instruments in Belgium' brochure, which you can obtain from your KBC Brussels Bank branch or view at

KBC Brussels Call32 Business Account Terms & Conditions

Who is it for?

Only legal entities, self-employed persons and liberal professionals holding structural cash surpluses arising from their business activities can open a KBC Brussels Call32 Business Account.

Minimum deposit

An initial deposit of at least 100,000 euros must be made on a KBC Brussels Call32 Business Account. In addition, deposits for any amount can be made at any time, until a maximum balance of 10 million euros is reached.


Funds on the KBC Brussels Call32 Business Account may be withdrawn daily. Each withdrawal must be for a minimum of 20,000 euros. The amount withdrawn becomes available 32 calendar days after the instruction is given.

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