Worldline Tap on Mobile

Tap on Mobile payment terminal from Worldline*

  • Simply install the app on your phone or tablet (Android 11 and higher)
  • Let your customers pay securely and by contactless
  • Issue a digital receipt to your customers by e-mail or QR code

If you have fewer transactions, Tap on Mobile Flexi is the ideal solution for you. If you need to deal with more transactions, go for Tap on Mobile Pro instead.

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Why opt for the Worldline Tap on Mobile payment terminal?

A handy app on your Android device is all you need to quickly and easily receive contactless payments made with a debit card or credit card. There are no activation costs.

Choose the fee formula that suits you best:

  • Tap on Mobile Flexi if you have fewer transactions and handle lower-value payments
  • Tap on Mobile Proif you have more transactions and handle higher-value payments

More information on possible additional fees is provided under ‘How much does the Tap on Mobile app cost’.

You can access an overview of your income in the app or in Worldline’s myPortal dashboard.

How do I order Tap on Mobile?

  1. Register with Worldline in a matter of minutes. Have your contact, company and bank details ready, i.e. a copy of your identity card, an extract from the ‘Crossroads Bank for Enterprises’ (CBE) database and an account statement. You need this information when registering with Worldline.
  2. Worldline will send you an e-mail with a step-by-step guide for installing Tap on Mobile as soon as your contract is in order.
  3. You can receive payments once you install the app.
Get started with Tap on Mobile
Get started with Tap on Mobile Pro

More information about Tap on Mobile

The app works on Android devices only. When the app is being installed, your device is checked to see if it is suitable.

  1. A VAT or company number (mandatory)
  2. An Android device equipped with Near Field Communication (NFC) technology (when you install the app, your device is checked automatically to see if it is suitable)
  3. Wi-Fi or mobile Internet (4G or 5G) connection

Get started with Worldline Tap on Mobile

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Maestro
  • Visa Debit
  • V Pay
  • Debit Mastercard
  1. Open Tap on Mobile on your phone or tablet
  2. Enter the amount due
  3. The customer holds a payment card against your device
  4. If the amount exceeds 50 euros, your customer will also have to enter their PIN
  5. You see the details of the payment (the customer receives the payment receipt in their inbox or scans a QR code on your device)

Tap on Mobile Flexi

Tap on Mobile Pro

Suitable for Fewer transactions, lower-value transactions More transactions, higher-value transactions
Activation and configuration of the app on your smartphone or tablet Free Free
Monthly price of the app Free 4.99 euros per account
Offer: four additional accounts now for free**
Commission charge per transaction 1.68% Debit: 0.115 euros per transaction
Credit: 1,10% per transaction
Additional fee for payments made with commercial payment cards (such as company cards) 1.20% 1.20%
Additional fee for payments made with cards issued outside the European Economic Area (EEA) but accepted within it, and vice versa 1.20% 1.20%
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** While the offer lasts at our partner, Worldline. This offer can be ended at any time by Worldline.

You can see an overview of your sales and also request details of all your digital transactions in myPortal, the online customer portal run by Worldline. You can easily save this information to your computer as well.

After ordering your terminal, you will receive an e-mail detailing how to log in to myPortal.

Your account gives you automatic access to five devices. If you want to connect to more devices, send an e-mail to

Payments appear on your bank account the next day.

The first payment will not be made until Worldline confirms that you have duly provided all the required documents.

Get started with Tap on Mobile Flexi
Get started with Tap on Mobile Pro

* Worldline Financial Services (Europe) S.A., Atrium Business Park 33, rue du Puits Romain, 8070 Bertrange, Luxembourg. Commercial register No: B 144 087. Registration court: Registre de Commerce et des Sociétés Luxembourg. VAT No.: LU23138978.