Compare the range of KBC Brussels payment terminals

Compare the range of KBC Brussels payment terminals

Get paid fast

Receive payments securely and quickly, and no fussing with cash and change.

Contactless payments

Let your customers pay for small purchases without them having to enter their PIN.

Fixed or portable, you choose

Various types of payment terminal are available to suit every situation.

Apply for a payment terminal in just 3 minutes

What is a payment terminal?

A payment terminal is what is generally known as a 'chip-and-PIN machine', or simply as a 'card reader'. They are devices that can be found in many businesses next to the checkout to allow customers to pay by card. It makes it easier for your customers to pay and it makes it easier for you as a business owner to manage the payments you receive.

The benefits of a payment terminal

Compare and buy payment terminals
  • Smartphones and different types of card can be used to make payment to you
  • Secure and quick payment is guaranteed
  • You get a clear overview of what has been paid using your terminal
  • No more hassle with change and small coins
  • Your customers always have enough money on them

Special offer for new businesses!* Get a year’s free payment terminal rental when you open a business account with us and apply for your terminal within 12 months of setting up your business.

Compare payment terminals

Yomani Yoximo

Type of payment terminal

Fixed countertop payment terminal Portable terminal


Cable or Wi-Fi Internet Wi-Fi or mobile Internet

Bancontact, Maestro

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Visa, Mastercard, VPay, ...

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Electronic meal vouchers

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Electronic eco vouchers

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Reading e-ID cards

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Contactless payments

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Buy it for

599 euros 599 euros

After-sales technical support

Full call-centre service plus rapid on-site support included

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first year free of charge, then 14.85 euros/month first year free of charge, then 14.85 euros/month

Standard rental + Technical support

Call centre available 5/7 from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. On-site assistance within 3 working days

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26.53 euros/month (terminal with printer) 37.18 euros/month (terminal with printer and standard charger)

Advanced rental package + technische bijstand

Call centre available 7/7 from 8 a.m. – 8 p.m. On-site assistance within 24 hours

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47,81 euro/maand (terminal met handelaarsmodule + printer) 47.83 euros/month (terminal with printer and charging dock cradle)

Payment cards and how they work

  • Bancontact is a Belgian payment system. All Belgian bank cards are equipped with this facility. Foreign bank cards don't have Bancontact and it isn't accepted either at payment terminals in other countries. All bank cards with this facility also have the Maestro facility.
  • Maestro lets you pay by debit card in Belgium and the rest of the world. All Belgian debit cards have this service, which is provided by Mastercard.
  • Mastercard and Visa enable you to make payments with your credit card in Belgium and throughout the world. These payment systems are only linked to credit cards (not to standard debit cards). Most credit cards issued in Belgium are either Mastercard- or Visa-branded, two of the most widely accepted credit card brands in the world.

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