KBC Brussels Business Dashboard

Things administrators need to know

KBC Brussels Business Dashboard

Things administrators need to know

Welcome to the administrator page of the KBC Brussels Business Dashboard

The KBC Brussels Business Dashboard is an ideal tool for your company and your banking and insurance matters. As an administrator, there are many things you can register or change to tailor the Business Dashboard perfectly to the needs of your company, thus ensuring 24/7 business continuity.

The KBC Brussels Business Dashboard: efficient, customised, flexible and highly secure

A single efficient platform for your day-to-day business banking and access to business-related insurance matters
Customisable to your preferences
Autonomy and flexibility: ensuring 24/7 continuity of your business banking and business-related insurance matters
Secure access tailored to your company

Your Business Dashboard has been updated with many new features

As an administrator, you have more powers. This gives you more autonomy and the freedom to respond more quickly and flexibly to changes in your organisation and the management of business banking and insurance matters.
To further improve efficiency for you, your Business Dashboard has been updated with a brand-new administration portal.
You can read all about the convenient new administrator features below.

1.   More powers for administrators

• From now on, all administrators will have more autonomy and freedom to adjust a number of administrative tasks quickly and flexibly, directly in the dashboard
• As an administrator in the KBC Business Dashboard, you can now designate or remove new administrators
• We do everything possible to ensure that requests and activations are processed digitally as much as possible, and to limit the number of signatures needed for approval, enabling a more efficient process

2. A convenient administration portal with all your administrator features

From now on, administrators have the convenience of all features being combined in a single, easy-to-use administrator portal:

What administrators can now do:

* Manage users:

Does your company already use the KBC Brussels Business Dashboard and one of the underlying apps, such as KBC Brussels Online for Business, Go&Deal, e-DocBox, or ComFin Touch? If a new employee wants to start using these apps, you – in your capacity as an administrator – can personally manage this in the administration portal.

• Is the employee already known to KBC Brussels?
The new user can start using the Business Dashboard as soon as you have submitted the request.
New: Is the employee not yet known to KBC Brussels?
No problem! From now on, you can also add new users of this kind. They can then complete the request digitally by confirming a number of details. Its quick, easy and completely secure.

As an administrator, you can assign a customised security method to a new user. You can also assign a different security method to an existing user.

You can grant users access to KBC Brussels Online for Business, Go&Deal, eDocBox, Flexims, Invest for Business, ComFin Touch, and KBC Brussels Business.

Yes, you can also remove users.

* Manage apps in the administration portal:

You can quickly request all apps online in your administration portal in the KBC Brussels Business Dashboard. The request and approval process for Go&Deal, eDocBox, Flexims, KBC Brussels Invest for Business, ComFin Touch and KBC Brussels Business is also entirely digital, which means the branch does not have to get involved.

• New: You can now add new companies to the app. The place to do it is your administration portal.
• You also have the freedom to add a new company that is not named in the Business Dashboard agreement. The legal representatives of the new company will, of course, also need to sign the agreement. That's possible too, but then you'll need the Corporate Centre to assist you.

New: If you are an administrator, you can use the portal to add an additional administrator to an app.
They will also have administrator powers for the KBC Brussels Business Dashboard and will also be able to perform administrative tasks with increasing autonomy in their administration portal

* Check powers of attorney for accounts in the administration portal:

• New: Now, all KBC Brussels Online for Business administrators can easily search for and view powers of attorney directly from their administration portal in the KBC Brussels Business Dashboard.
• A convenient filter function allows you to quickly and easily search by power of attorney holder or account.
And that's not all: you can also grant other Online for Business users access to this feature, so be sure that employees who may find it useful are aware of it.
• If you want this feature to be extended to include the ability to also manage powers of attorney, please contact your KBC Brussels Corporate Centre. They will be happy to tell you everything you need to know about the free e-powers of attorney app, which allows you to view, update and delete powers of attorney online, in real-time and in a completely secure environment.

* Request certificates:

• Certificate attesting to the identity of the account holder
• Industrial accidents certificate
• Internal health & safety annual report
• Certificate of customer standing
• Auditor's certificate

* A few additional benefits…

As an administrator, you can also conveniently manage business accounts.
Another feature is the option to create a link to your accounting software.

More information on how to use the KBC Brussels Business Dashboard to efficiently manage your business banking and insurance matters is available on this page:

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