P-Buitenlandse Handel
P-Buitenlandse Handel

KBC Brussels Export Documentary Credit

Why should you use KBC Brussels Export Documentary Credit?

KBC Brussels Export Documentary Credit

Why should you use KBC Brussels Export Documentary Credit?

What is KBC Brussels Export Documentary Credit?

With KBC Brussels Export Documentary Credit, an issuing bank (the foreign buyer’s bank) makes an irrevocable undertaking to pay you (the exporter). This way, you can be sure you will actually be paid once the goods have been delivered to a foreign buyer. You can always turn to KBC Brussels for advice and confirmation.


  • The sale is not exposed to risk of non-payment or of cancellation
  • You have the guarantee that you will be paid for the goods you supplied (if the issuing bank is creditworthy)
  • KBC Brussels will take care of confirmation, so you can also avoid bank and country risks
  • You can manage your export documentary credit files via KBC Brussels Flexims

Who is it for?

Export documentary credit is intended for exporters of goods.

Which services are included?

  • Within 24 hours of receipt, KBC Brussels will send you an electronic message with the full text of the documentary credit or of the modification.
  • Your documents will be checked within two banking days of receipt. If KBC Brussels fails to do this, the documents will be checked free of charge.
  • As soon as your documents have been dispatched abroad, you can use KBC Brussels Flexims to look up the Air Way Bill number of the consignment. This enables you to track your delivery via the courier service’s website.
  • The KBC Brussels Flexims online application enables you to organise and manage your documentary credits efficiently.

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