KBC Brussels Export Documentary Collection

Why should you use KBC Brussels Export Documentary Collection?

KBC Brussels Export Documentary Collection

Why should you use KBC Brussels Export Documentary Collection?

You have your own business and you export goods to other countries. As an exporter, therefore, you’ll know all about the paperwork associated with shipping goods abroad.

What if you send goods to a different country, but you don’t want to send the relevant trade documents in the same consignment? Or perhaps you’d prefer someone else to take care of all this? That’s where KBC Brussels Export Documentary Collection can help businesses like yours.

What is KBC Brussels Export Documentary Collection?

  • KBC Brussels Export Documentary Collection means you can have KBC Brussels Export Documentary Collection issue the collection instructions for releasing trade documents to a foreign importer (against payment or against acceptance of the bill of exchange)
  • KBC Brussels then passes the instructions on to a correspondent bank in the importer’s home country
  • It is this foreign correspondent bank that actually performs the instructions

Who is it for?

Export documentary collection is ideal for exporters who want their sales handled with minimal admin and follow-up. Just leave that up to us.


  • The customer cannot get hold of the documents if it has not made payment or accepted the bill of exchange. Since the customer is also not able to fulfil the requisite customs and accounting formalities, it cannot even gain possession of the goods if they are sent by maritime transport.
  • KBC Brussels Export Documentary Collection is a cheaper payment technique and requires less administration than the export documentary credit.
  • You can manage your export documentary collections with KBC Brussels Flexims.

Which services are included?

  • KBC Brussels processes your documentary collection and presents it to the courier service, together with the collection instructions, on the same day. If this does not happen, you receive 25 euros in compensation per collection.
  • Your payments are executed within 24 hours of receipt by KBC Brussels.
  • Customised recall procedure: KBC Brussels continues to monitor the situation at the foreign bank until such time as payment has been made or the bill of exchange accepted.


The exporter bears the risk that the documents will not be retrieved or that the bill of exchange will not paid on the due date.

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