KBC Payment Button

Paying online in just a few clicks or taps.

KBC Payment Button

Paying online in just a few clicks or taps.

What exactly is the KBC Payment Button?

The KBC Payment Button is a digital button that you can install on the payment page of your own web shop. Your customers can use it to pay for their purchases in real time using their familiar KBC Brussels online banking app. Real time means that the transfer instruction is processed instantly. Therefore, you don't have to wait on payment. Knowing that the money is credited to your account straightaway means that you can concentrate on quickly getting your customer's order out.

BeCommerce Award for innovation

Did you know that KBC Brussels picked up the BeCommerce Award for 'best innovation' in 2015? Thanks to the KBC Payment Button, your customers can buy now and pay later. And even then, the amount in question is still credited instantly to your account!

How does it work?

  • You add the KBC Payment Button to your web shop's payment page as a pay method
  • When customers want to buy something, they click or tap the KBC Payment Button
  • They are then automatically redirected to KBC Brussels's online banking app (KBC Brussels Touch or KBC Brussels Mobile)
  • They will see the transfer, with your account number and the amount of the purchases already filled in. Customers are unable to change these details
  • Customers confirm transfers with a digital signature and receive confirmation of payment
  • The amount due is transferred instantly to your business account at KBC Brussels (at a special rate).

Paying later with the KBC Payment Button

The KBC Payment Button affords your customers more flexibility, as it's they who decide when payment is to be made. That can either be straightaway or up to two months later after 50 to 1,250 euros' worth of purchases have been made. However, it won't have any consequences for you and your business because your account is always credited instantly. That's a good thing for you and your customers. Moreover, your customers don't have to worry about remembering to pay at a later date, as everything is done automatically and without charge.

Quick, secure and at low cost

State-of-the-art security technology ensures that the exchange of data takes place over a highly secure and reliable connection. That's something your customers value, too. Payment is made using online banking facilities, a familiar channel used by many online shoppers.

Each month, you will be billed just 1% of the transaction amount for payments made using the KBC Payment Button. The minimum charge is 0.20 euros per transaction and the maximum 5 euros.

Interested? Then apply now for your KBC Payment Button online

What you need

A business account at KBC Brussels (1)
A website
KBC Brussels Paypage or a payment page from another provider like Sips (Worldline), Ingenico or Mollie (2)

What you need to do

1 Enter your personal details
2 KBC Brussels will contact you as quickly as possible to sign all the paperwork
  1. If you haven't got a business account with us, don't worry. You can easily open a business account.
  2. If you haven't got a payment page, be sure to read about KBC Brussels Paypage.

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